St. Nick

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Really Bad Santa Home for Holidays

Claus' monster assistant from Europe winning US converts

(Newser) - Dreck the halls with gobs of gory. If the Krampus has a Christmas carol, that could be his favorite. Krampus is a kind of really bad Santa, and he's gaining converts among those so sick of syrupy Christmas they'd rather scare people to death. Krampus is an import... More »

Dear Santa: I Want Happy Terrorists, Dad to Come Home

Veteran Claus reveals kids' secret desires

(Newser) - A 28-year veteran of the Santa Claus role has finally revealed in a blog what we already knew: Kids can be hilarious and heartbreaking. But he's got some perfect tales to illustrate it. Beyond the expected requests for the latest Barbie and video game, kids have whispered into Santa Carl... More »

2 Stories