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Britain's Heavy Drinkers Offered Anti-Booze Pill

Nalmefene approved as means of reducing alcohol consumption

(Newser) - Those Brits who want to cut down on their alcohol intake—and can spare about $5 a day—now have access to a pill to reduce their craving . UK officials have approved the drug nalmefene for use along with counseling to help reduce alcohol dependency, the International Business Times reports.... More »

Pill Helping Alcoholics Say No

Nalmefene is designed to be taken before entering a tempting situation

(Newser) - A new pill designed to help alcoholics drink less apparently does the trick: Nalmefene, which is currently in the clinical-trial stage, is designed to be taken before a person heads into a situation in which they feel they'll have a hard time saying no to alcohol. In a six-month,... More »

New Pill Could Help Alcoholics Have Just One Drink

Nalmefene is aimed at easing, not stopping, consumption

(Newser) - Common wisdom holds that in order to recover, alcoholics must completely abstain from liquor—but thanks to a new pill, that may soon no longer be the case. Nalmefene, developed by Denmark’s H. Lundbeck A/S, blocks the signals in the brain that make drinking feel good, Bloomberg reports. Its... More »

3 Stories