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Court: Butt Dialers Forfeit Right to Privacy

If you place the call, even accidentally, people can listen in

(Newser) - Butt dialers, be warned: If you inadvertently place a call with your posterior, you have no legal right to privacy about anything you then say. So declares the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in Kentucky, reports Courthouse News Service . The case involves an executive on a Kentucky... More »

Former Employee Overhears Boss Plotting to Murder Him

There's a lesson here about butt-dialing...

(Newser) - Planning to murder someone? You may want to make sure you don't butt-dial your intended victim while discussing the details of your nefarious plot. Police in Jonesboro, Arkansas, say Larry Barnett, 68, accidentally called one of his former employees last week ... and when the employee heard Barnett discussing the... More »

Man Butt-Dials 911 While Discussing Murder Plans

Scott Simon charged with first-degree murder after Waffle House dispute

(Newser) - You know that person at the top of your contact list, the one most likely to get an unintended call from your butt? Well, if you're the murderous type, make sure that number isn't 911. This lesson comes too late for Scott Simon, who unintentionally dialed 911 while... More »

40% of NYC's 911 Calls Are Butt Dials

Accidental calls numbered nearly 4M in 2010: report

(Newser) - Nearly 40% of the time a New York City dispatcher answers a 911 call, there’s no actual emergency. Yep, in 2010, two-fifths of all calls to New York’s 911 system were accidental “butt dials,” the New York Daily News reports. A total of 10.4 million... More »

Butt Dialer Sends SWAT Team to Middle School

Garbled phone call leads wife to believe husband is in danger

(Newser) - Butt dialing: We all know it’s annoying, but apparently it can also be kinda dangerous. When a husband unknowingly called his wife as he was driving home from his job at a school Monday, “he was listening to music and he had, I don't know, hip-hop … or... More »

5 Stories