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Twitter Ordered to Spill on Tweeters Tied to WikiLeaks

Court says tweeters can have no expectation of privacy

(Newser) - In a key case concerning online privacy rights, a federal court has ordered Twitter to turn over information on three tweeters believed linked to WikiLeaks documents. The Justice Department had sought information on the trio, including IP addresses, which could be used to track down their computers without a warrant.... More »

Feds Secretly Grabbing WikiLeaks Email Info

US snagging IDs, critics say law violates Constitution

(Newser) - In its "active criminal investigation" of WikiLeaks, the US government is using secret court orders to force Google and Internet service providers to turn over information about editor Jacob Appelbaum, reports the Wall Street Journal . Appelbaum has not been charged with any crimes related to his WikiLeaks work, but... More »

Feds Snooping in Our Twitter Account: WikiLeaks

Leakers unseal court order seeking messages, contact info

(Newser) - The US is trying to strong-arm Twitter into forking over WikiLeaks' account details, subpoenaing private messages and contact details alike of Julian Assange and Co., reports the AP. WikiLeaks made the complaint in a statement today, alleging that other US web firms were likewise being ordered to surrender info on... More »

3 Stories