Australia floods

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Australia Man Greets Queen by Mooning Her

...and there was a flag involved

(Newser) - Queen Elizabeth saw more of Australia than she bargained for during her visit to Brisbane today. A construction worker gave the queen and her husband a long look at his rear end—which held an Australian flag between the cheeks—as he reportedly ran beside her motorcade for about 150... More »

Monster Cyclone Slams Into Australia

Yasi expected to wreak havoc in Queensland

(Newser) - As the US weathers its latest snowpocalypse, Australia battened down the hatches for what Queensland's premier is calling "the most catastrophic storm to ever hit our coast." "The time for movement and evacuation has now passed," Premier Anna Bligh said as Cyclone Yasi roared into her... More »

Australians Flee as Monster Cyclone Bears Down

Cyclone Yasi set to pummel beleaguered Queensland with force of Katrina

(Newser) - After weeks of flooding earlier this year, Aussies are now fleeing the northeast coast by the thousands as a Katrina-strength cyclone bears down. "This storm is huge and life-threatening," says Queensland's premier. Cyclone Yasi, currently a category four storm, is being fed by a monsoon, and could pummel... More »

Australian Boy, 13, Sacrifices Life for Brother in Floods

Death toll is at 25 as waters begin to recede

(Newser) - With floodwaters starting to recede, the toll in Australia is at 25 and expected to climb given the dozens of people still missing, reports the AP . As the state's premier put it: "Queensland is reeling this morning from the worst natural disaster in our history and possibly in the... More »

Thousands Flee, 43 Missing as Brisbane Floods

Panic reigns as people hoard food

(Newser) - Australia’s vast floods shut down the center of Brisbane today, sending thousands fleeing and others to stores in a panicked rush of food hoarding. Rescuers, meanwhile, combed the area for 43 people who have gone missing. Brisbane is the country’s third-largest city, home to 2 million people. Floodwaters... More »

5 Stories