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Critics Blast Rosie for 'Gross' Link to Trump Game

'Push Trump Off a Cliff Again' isn't going over well with conservatives

(Newser) - There's no love lost between Rosie O'Donnell and President Trump , and a tweet the comedian posted over the weekend is unlikely to mend any fences. Per USA Today , O'Donnell tweeted a link on Saturday to an online game that invites players to "Push Trump Off a... More »

Web War Rages Over Gays in EA Games

Social battle moves to the Internet

(Newser) - Electronic Arts is launching a brave new world of gay relationships in online role-playing games, and that's sparking an Internet armageddon. EA has been lambasted by religious right-wingers who fear the dangerous influences of an imagined transgendered " Darth VaPaula " in a Star Wars game, and have begun... More »

Zombie Game Hits Tea Party, Fox Hosts

Free shooter lets you blast away at top Fox commentators

(Newser) - It's zombie-killing fun for the whole family—well, the whole liberal family, assuming they approve of guns and killing. Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Fox News, and the Koch Brothers are just some of the big-name conservative zombies you must confront in Tea Party Zombies Must Die , a free... More »

Hear New Gaga Tunes... Only on FarmVille

Singer's 'GagaVille' farm will release exclusive tracks

(Newser) - Gaga for Gaga? It’s time to start a virtual farm. Lady Gaga is releasing exclusive new tracks from her album via a special “GagaVille” estate in FarmVille, the AP reports. Players of the online game must accomplish certain tasks to hear one new song per day between May... More »

The New Gambler: Poker Bots

But they still can't beat the best humans

(Newser) - Online poker’s not just for humans anymore: Robots have entered the game, and they’re winning tens of thousands, the New York Times reports. Such bots have existed for a while—but only recently have they gotten good at the game, thanks to advances in artificial intelligence. Top game... More »

Woman Played Facebook Game as Son Drowned

Colorado mother left 13-month-old alone in the tub

(Newser) - Rough story out of Colorado: A woman admitted leaving her 13-month-old son alone in the tub while she played Café World on Facebook in another room, reports Denver's ABC 7 News . Shannon Johnson told police she checked on him once, then went back in a few minutes to find him... More »

6 Stories