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Trump National Security Chief 'Inappropriately Shared' Secrets

He gave foreign officers CIA Afghanistan info

(Newser) - The man Donald Trump has selected to be his top national security adviser "inappropriately shared" classified information with military officers from friendly countries while he was serving in Afghanistan. According to Army documents obtained by the Washington Post under a Freedom of Information Act request, Lt. Gen. Michael T.... More »

Hey, Sen. Udall: Here's Your Chance to Reveal CIA Secrets

Transparency advocate should take advantage of midterm loss: Conor Friedersdorf

(Newser) - Sen. Mark Udall has been one of the Hill's strongest voices against CIA and NSA secrecy, and now, he's got a chance to expose some of those secrets. A clause in the Constitution largely protects lawmakers from prosecution over their comments on the House or Senate floor, the... More »

Japan Sparks Furor With Bill to Boost Secrecy

Newspapers, demonstrators protest leak-prosecuting measure

(Newser) - Looking to boost Japan's role in the region and the world, the country's conservative prime minister has sparked an uproar with his plan to increase state secrecy. A bill that just passed the lower house of parliament would raise penalties on civil servants and journalists who leak sensitive... More »

Petraeus Mistress: I Had Access to State Secrets

Paula Broadwell may have leaked classified info in speech

(Newser) - David Petraeus' biographer and mistress says she had inside information on CIA activities—a piece of which she may have revealed in a speech last month. In a panel chat this summer, she said she would "sit in on high level meetings with General Petraeus" during which she'd... More »

CIA Agent Defies Court, Reports Abuse

Kevin Shipp says agency 'covered up the destruction of my family'

(Newser) - Kevin Shipp isn’t supposed to talk about how, in his mind, the CIA ruined his life. He’s not supposed to tell the New York Times that he sued the agency for stationing him in a home that was built over buried ammunition and contaminated by toxic mold, sickening... More »

'State Secrets' Privilege Hits Supreme Court

Critics say government abuses privilege aimed at national security

(Newser) - The Supreme Court this week will, for the first time in decades, hear a case questioning aspects of the government’s oft-used “state secrets” privilege, USA Today reports. The federal government has used the argument frequently since 9/11, such as in cases of warrantless surveillance and prisoner interrogation; it... More »

6 Stories