Tahrir Square

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Egypt Throws Book at 9 for Tahrir Square Sex Assaults

Court hands out life sentences in apparent crackdown

(Newser) - Faced with rampant and public sex assaults over the last three years, Egypt today threw out a decisive deterrent and sentenced nine men to hefty jail terms, reports the Guardian . Seven men were given life sentences—three of those received multiple life sentences, notes the AP —while another two... More »

Mob Sex Assaults Mar Egypt's Inauguration

Seven men arrested after graphic video

(Newser) - As crowds in Cairo's Tahrir Square yesterday celebrated the election victory of Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, things turned ugly: Mobs sexually assaulted at least five women, CNN reports. Graphic video of one attack shows a woman stripped and bloodied, facing continued attacks even as police take her to their vehicle. Seven... More »

In Egypt, 'Tense Calm' After Violent Night

30 dead, more than 1K wounded in clashes

(Newser) - Last night's clashes in Egypt left at least 30 people dead and more than 1,000 injured, raising the big question: Was it a prelude to even greater unrest today and in the near future? A "tense calm" prevails for now, reports al-Jazeera , but the Muslim Brotherhood wants... More »

Sex Attacks 'Horrific,' Rampant in Egypt: HRW

91 confirmed victims in 4 days, group reports

(Newser) - Sexual violence against women at protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square has reached "horrific levels," with confirmation that at least 91 women have been assaulted and, in some cases, raped since Friday, according to Human Rights Watch . A group set up to protect women at the protest says... More »

4 Killed in Egypt Clashes

Anti-government protests turn deadly as tens of thousands flood streets

(Newser) - Officials say three anti-government protesters have been killed in the southern Egyptian city of Assiut, after suspected Islamists riding a motorbike fired on protesters outside a local government building. One was killed and seven injured, prompting protesters to march on the local office of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and... More »

Egypt Marks Anniversary of Protests With ... Protests

Protesters accuse Morsi of subverting democracy

(Newser) - Two years after protests began in Cairo that would lead to the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, protesters are once again gathering in Tahrir Square, reports the AP . Led by liberals and secularists, the protesters are now demonstrating against President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, which they accuse of threatening... More »

Egypt Braces for Vote Amid Conspiracies, Protests

But the whole referendum might be determined by the 'couch party'

(Newser) - Egyptians will go to the polls tomorrow to vote on a controversial constitutional referendum that could determine the country's fate. Here's what you need to know:
  • The referendum would install a new constitution that Mohamed Morsi's government says is essential to move the country forward—but which
... More »

Protesters Converge on Egypt Palace

Huge protest comes after opposition rejects talks

(Newser) - Thousands of protesters in Egypt have made clear they don't think President Mohamed Morsi made much of a concession in yesterday's televised address . Throngs converged on the presidential palace in Cairo today, despite the presence of tanks and Republican Guard troops, reports Reuters . They chanted slogans such as... More »

Egypt's Courts Stage Strike Over Morsi Power Grab

As more than 100,000 protest in Cairo

(Newser) - Courts across Egypt are going on strike today in protest of Mohamed Morsi's recent power grab—including the country's two highest appeals courts, the AP and BBC report. Cassation Court judges emerged from an emergency meeting saying they would not resume work until Morsi takes back his decree... More »

French Journalist Attacked in Cairo's Tahrir Square

Mob gropes, robs France 24 correspondent

(Newser) - France 24's Sonia Dridi has become the latest female foreign journalist to fall victim to mob violence in Cairo. She was attacked and groped by around 30 men while reporting live on protests in the city's Tahrir Square, the Guardian reports. Her colleague Ashraf Khalil, assisted by a... More »

Egyptians Again Pack Tahrir Square

Protest against military rule

(Newser) - Once again, thousands of Egyptians are protesting in Tahrir Square, this time against the military's power grab following the country's first free presidential election. Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters chanted, "Down with military rule," and are expected to be joined by secular groups later today. But... More »

Egypt Delays Election Result

Officials: We need time to probe violation reports

(Newser) - Egypt's election authority is delaying releasing the results of the presidential election—probably for "a day or two"—while it investigates hundreds of complaints of electoral violations made by rival candidates Mohamed Morsi and Ahmed Shafiq. Muslim Brotherhood candidate Morsi, and Shafiq, ousted leader Hosni Mubarak's... More »

Egyptians Back in Tahrir Square, But...

...They may not be doing any good

(Newser) - Thousands of protesters gathered in Tahrir Square today, for what had been hyped as a "Million Man (March) of Justice" in opposition of presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq . Marches converged on the square from points around Cairo, led by defeated presidential candidates Hamdeen Sabahi, a liberal, and Abdel Aboul Fotouh,... More »

Crowd Attacks HQ of Egyptian Presidential Candidate

Ahmed Shafiq's headquarters catches fire

(Newser) - Protesters stormed the campaign headquarters of an Egyptian presidential candidate today just hours after officials announced he would take part in a run-off election next month, Reuters reports. The headquarters of law-and-order candidate Ahmed Shafiq even caught fire, but the flames were quickly put out and there were no reports... More »

Thousands Mark Egypt Revolution's Anniversary

Crowds gather in Tahrir Square to reflect on past year

(Newser) - It's been a year to the day since Egypt's revolution began, and thousands headed to Tahrir Square today to acknowledge that milestone—though for many, it wasn't a time to celebrate. While a Muslim Brotherhood stage noted "the first holiday," a stage run by young... More »

Thousands Protest Egypt Violence

Tahrir Square fills following Friday prayers

(Newser) - It’s Friday, and you know what that means in Egypt: A massive protest following morning prayers. Today saw thousands gather in Tahrir Square, decrying both the military’s protracted rule, and its violent response to recent protests, which left 17 dead, and produced one particularly horrific YouTube video . Protests... More »

Egypt: Protesters Want to 'Destroy State'

Civilian groups unify, call for military to relinquish power

(Newser) - Violent unrest continued in Egypt for a fifth day, as the military launched a pre-dawn raid on protesters in Tahrir Square, eliciting renewed criticism from domestic political leaders, the United States, and United Nations, reports the New York Times . The harshness of the military crackdown appears to be re-uniting... More »

US Student Says He Was Beaten After Cairo Arrest

Derrik Sweeney says three students threatened with being shot, tortured

(Newser) - One of the three Americans who were arrested last week in the Cairo unrest says they were beaten by police and threatened with much worse while in custody, reports AP . Derrik Sweeney denies Egyptian allegations that the three of them ever threw Molotov cocktails from the roof of any building.... More »

Protesters in Egypt Staging Mass Rally

Tahrir Square site of 'last chance' protest as new PM is installed

(Newser) - Egypt’s military installed a new prime minister today, as crowds gathered in Tahrir Square for another big protest. The new prime minister, Kamal Ganzouri, has held the job once before, from 1996 to 1999. Though he reportedly had a falling out with the Mubarak regime, protesters still instantly rejected... More »

Battle Rages in Streets of Cairo

Death toll higher than advertised, groups say

(Newser) - Protesters clashed violently with security forces for the fifth straight day today, angrily rejecting the military’s promise to bump up its handover to civilian authorities to next July. Protesters swarmed around the infamous Interior Ministry building, in what they said was an attempt to pin down the police and... More »

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