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Typhoon Slams China, Kills 2

More than half a million people evacuated

(Newser) - A typhoon slammed into southeastern China today with powerful winds and heavy rains that killed two people, cut power, canceled flights, and suspended train services. Typhoon Fitow struck Fuding, in Fujian province, with winds of up to 94mph in the early morning hours, then slowed before weakening to a tropical... More »

Flooding Rivers Imperil the Heartland

Mississippi River projected to peak 11 feet above flood stage

(Newser) - The Heartland is under water, with today's expected rain and snow adding to the woes of already-flooded parts of the Midwest, CNN reports. Rising river waters have caused four deaths, forced evacuations in Illinois, and are threatening Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, North Dakota, Mississippi, and Michigan as well. The Mississippi... More »

Wild Weather Strikes Across the Globe

Snow and ice hit southeast US, London, while Australia bakes in heat

(Newser) - It was a wild day for weather around much of the world today, as snow hit the southeastern United States and Britain while record heat baked Australia. In Virginia, 13 inches of snow hit some areas, while in Mississippi two to four inches fell in places, reports the AP . At... More »

NY, NJ Forced to Evacuate Again

Nor'easter expected to bring snow from Maryland to Maine

(Newser) - The Nor'easter threatening the already-battered Atlantic Coast is weakening , but New York and New Jersey are still ordering evacuations ahead of the storm, which is already pelting Washington with ice and stirring seas as high as 7.5 feet off New York. In New York City, parks and beaches... More »

More Flights Canceled Ahead of Nor'easter

United grounding 500; other airlines considering

(Newser) - The upcoming nor'easter sounds yet more ominous: Airlines are once again canceling flights in the Northeast in anticipation of the coastal storm, just a week after canceling more than 23,000 flights in the same area because of superstorm Sandy. United Airlines is canceling around 500 flights out of... More »

Chris Christie Cancels Halloween

Trick-or-treating canceled in many places, retail will take hit

(Newser) - Now that the worst of Hurricane Sandy is over, we can focus on some important questions like … what happens to Halloween? Don’t worry, Chris Christie is on it: He has now officially postponed Halloween until Monday, citing safety reasons, NJ 101.5 reports. “I can’t imagine... More »

Weather Service Issues Gruesome Storm Warning

'Think of your remains,' says NJ statement

(Newser) - Sometimes you gotta get tough with stubborn New Jersey folks. So officials from the National Weather Service were a tad gruesome in their warning to residents to get out of low-lying areas now before Hurricane Sandy hits, reports BuzzFeed . After running down a list of reasons it makes no sense... More »

Isaac Expected to Hit Gulf Coast as Hurricane

But shouldn't be as bad as Katrina

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Isaac is following Hurricane Katrina's path, and is expected to plow into the Gulf Coast as a hurricane tomorrow or Wednesday—Katrina's seventh anniversary. But unlike the 2005 storm, Isaac is predicted to be Category 1, quite a bit weaker, CNN reports. Still, thousands have been... More »

Lightning Starts House Fire, Kills 2

Kentucky thunderstorms causing trouble across state

(Newser) - Lightning struck a home last night during powerful storms in Louisville, and the resulting fire killed a bedridden elderly man and his granddaughter. The woman was trying to get her grandfather out of the house, CNN reports. "Lightning struck an 80-foot-tall tree, hit about 40 feet up, and it... More »

3 Killed in Sudden NC Storm

Dozens of homes damaged, trees uprooted

(Newser) - Summer storms continue to take a toll on East Coast: In North Carolina, a sudden violent storm struck yesterday, uprooting trees and killing three people. One 77-year-old man was killed when a barn collapsed while he was inside, and a husband and wife died after a tree fell on their... More »

Dust Cloud Swallows Phoenix

Was as tall as 2 miles high at times

(Newser) - It's a scene movie directors would pay millions to create: a 10,000-foot-tall dust cloud advancing over a city, swallowing it whole. That was the reality in Phoenix last night, as a massive dust storm swept over the city like a wave, reports the AP . Radar data showed that... More »

Mexicans Flee Snow, Cold to Shelters

Coldest weather in 60 years brrr-ies Chihuahua

(Newser) - The weather continued to astound yesterday as frigid temperatures and snow forced scores of Mexicans in Chihuahua to community shelters. The area was hit by blackouts, and local airports, businesses and schools were shut in the coldest weather in 60 years. It's part of the same storm system that has... More »

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