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Cops Ticket Man After He Posts Video on How to Beat Traffic

'Can they do that?' guy asks. Police response: 'Yep'

(Newser) - Michael Dalton found a shortcut in his Colorado neighborhood that helps beat congestion and avoids a nearby highway, so he posted it on Facebook in an attempt to help his neighbors, WCMH reports. Just two problems: The shortcut involves driving through private property, which earned Dalton criticism from some viewers... More »

Cyclists Fighting Stop Signs in San Francisco

'It feels like the Wild West'

(Newser) - How would you feel about being able to legally roll through a stop sign while riding a bike? Your answer to that question probably depends on whether you're a cyclist or a driver. The New York Times reports San Francisco is considering a controversial ordinance that would allow bicycles... More »

City May Legalize Mystery Stop Signs

Cranston, Rhode Island, finds about 600 undocumented signs

(Newser) - The city of Cranston, Rhode Island, is wrestling with what to do about an odd problem: It's found about 600 stop signs and seven yield signs at city intersections that aren't supposed to exist. Most were apparently put up on the sly by housing complexes in the name of safety,... More »

3 Stories