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Kim Jong Un Bringing 'Personal Toilet' to South Korea

It's not an issue of hygiene at carefully planned summit

(Newser) - Kim Jong Un won't be taking any chances Friday when the North Korean leader crosses the border for a historic summit with his counterpart in the South. Apparently that means bringing along his own toilet. Accompanied by his sister, Kim Yo Jong, top military officials, and armed soldiers from... More »

Report: We Actually Are Talking to N. Korea via 'NY Channel'

Despite President Trump's description of continued talks as a 'waste of time'

(Newser) - Despite stern rhetoric from both sides—including Defense Secretary Jim Mattis' description of Pyongyang's behavior as "outlaw" —the US and North Korea are still in direct talks behind the scenes and a deal is still possible, a State Department source tells Reuters . The official says American negotiator... More »

Koreas Hunker Down for Rare Talks

But Pyongyang's motivation remains a mystery; no set agenda

(Newser) - For the first time in more than seven years, high-level officials from North and South Korea are hunkered down for talks in Panmunjom today—talks called by the North amid much suspicion over its motives, Reuters reports. Both sides sent top officials to the gathering; the head of Seoul's... More »

Koreas Agree to 1st Reunions Since 2010

But Pyongyang wants a carrot

(Newser) - North Korea today accepted a South Korean offer for talks on reuniting families separated by war, but proposed separate talks on resuming lucrative tours to a scenic North Korean mountain in an apparent effort to link the two discussions. Last week, the two Koreas agreed to work toward a resumption... More »

N. Korea Wants Nuke Talks With US

US says it's up for 'credible negotiations'

(Newser) - Paging Dennis Rodman : North Korea's top governing body today proposed high-level nuclear and security talks with the United States in an appeal sent just days after calling off talks with rival South Korea. The powerful National Defense Commission headed by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un issued a... More »

South Korea: North Won't Answer Our Calls

Pyongyang refuses to pick up after talks collapse

(Newser) - Relations between North and South Korea appear to have descended into teenage-girl territory after high-level talks between the two countries collapsed yesterday . Seoul says Pyongyang now won't even pick up the phone, reports the BBC . The two countries have a hotline maintained by the Red Cross on which they... More »

Never Mind: North-South Korea Talks Scrapped

Countries can't agree on who would lead delegations

(Newser) - Well, that was fun while it lasted. South Korea and North Korea scrapped their long-awaited talks today, a day before they were slated to begin. Why, you ask? Because the two countries couldn't agree on who would lead their respective delegations, the AP reports. Seoul wanted each country's... More »

Koreas Hold 1st Talks in 2 Years

Hoping to pave way for higher-level talks Wednesday

(Newser) - Government delegates from North and South Korea began preparatory talks today in Panmunjom aimed at setting ground rules for a higher-level discussion on easing animosity and restoring stalled rapprochement projects. The meeting is the first of its kind in more than two years. Success will be judged on whether the... More »

North Korea: Yes, We Have US Citizen

Kenneth Bae accused of unspecified crimes

(Newser) - North Korea said today that an American citizen has been detained after confessing to unspecified crimes, confirming earlier reports about his arrest . The American was identified as Pae Jun Ho in a brief dispatch issued by the state-run Korean Central News Agency; US and South Korea media said Pae is... More »

China to North Korea: Cool It With Missile Launch

China calls for calm as South Korea, US condemn planned launch

(Newser) - China is apparently wagging its finger at North Korea over its plan to launch a long-range rocket, as a North Korean nuclear envoy arrived in Beijing today for talks. Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun met with North Korea's ambassador to China, Ji Jae Ryong, to voice Beijing's... More »

US-North Korea Nuke Talks Return 'Bit of Progress'

But no breakthroughs, says US negotiator Glyn Davies

(Newser) - The US and North Korea came to the table to talk about nukes, and the negotiations ended today with a "little bit of progress," said the chief US negotiator. The two-day meeting in Beijing was the first official contact between the two countries since the death of Kim... More »

US Enters 2nd Day of North Korea Talks

Officials looking for concrete signs of change

(Newser) - US officials, heading into a second day of talks with North Korea today, are looking for concrete signs that the nuclear-armed country is willing to take "irreversible steps" to give up its nuclear weapons programs. The State Department called yesterday's five hours of talks "serious and business-like.... More »

North Korea's Top Nuclear Envoy to Engage in US Talks

Senior official will visit US this week

(Newser) - A senior North Korean official will visit the United States this week to discuss the possible resumption of long-stalled international negotiations on ending Pyongyang's nuclear programs, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said today. Clinton's invitation for North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye Gwan to visit... More »

North Korea: No More Talks. Ever.

Pyongyang cites South's 'sinister intentions,' probably bluffing

(Newser) - South Korea probably thought it reasonable to expect Pyongyang to say it was sorry for shelling its island and sinking its warship, but the North just stomped out of low-level military talks yesterday in response, and today says it won't be back. By making "unreasonable" demands, the North says... More »

North Walks Out on Korea Talks

Refuses to apologize for shelling South, sinking ship

(Newser) - North Korea packed up its toys and went home today, abruptly ending low-level military talks between the two Koreas in Panmunjom, reports the New York Times. Pressed by Seoul military officials to apologize for shelling Yeonpyeong in November and sinking a warship last March, the North “unilaterally walked away... More »

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