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Leaked Bush Document Says Rubio Is 'Risky Bet'

It also cryptically refers to some skeletons in Rubio's closet

(Newser) - The Jeb Bush campaign threw some major shade at opponent Marco Rubio in a PowerPoint presentation for donors obtained by US News & World Report . The campaign met with donors Monday in Houston hoping to reassure them that Bush isn't as doomed as he may appear. (That perception got... More »

RNC Bails On NBC's Scheduled GOP Debate

Says CNBC handled this week's debate 'in bad faith'

(Newser) - NBC better get its fill of Donald Trump when he hosts Saturday Night Live next month because it sounds like the network won't be seeing him—or any of his fellow candidates—at its GOP debate, the Hill reports. The Republican National Committee has suspended ties with NBC ahead... More »

Carly Fiorina May Solve One Big GOP Problem

Times, Post think she's helping with female voters

(Newser) - Could Carly Fiorina solve Republicans' women problem? Many in the party, which has had trouble appealing to female voters, think so after the former CEO's strong performance in this week's GOP debate, the New York Times reports. “Many Republicans will see her, even if she’s not... More »

Can Ben Carson Really Win This Thing?

Neurosurgeon tied with Trump atop Iowa poll

(Newser) - The perhaps somewhat surprising current Republican darling is neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who's polling second nationally and is tied with Donald Trump at 23% in all-important Iowa, the Hill reports. No other Republican candidates are even close to those numbers, and Carson supporters believe it's not surprising at all... More »

GOP Primary Loser: Winner Really a 'Lookalike'

Tim Murray says Frank Lucas was hanged in Ukraine

(Newser) - Frank Lucas only looks like he won an Oklahoma congressional primary by a landslide, according to a contender who got thumped at the polls. Tim Murray says he'll contest the primary because Lucas was actually hanged in Ukraine and replaced with a body double, THV 11 reports. "It... More »

Meet the Guy Who Just Beat Eric Cantor

Economics professor David Brat pulls off huge upset

(Newser) - Who is David Brat, the Tea Party candidate who set off a "political earthquake " by defeating House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a GOP primary? Here's some of what's known about the political novice, as per Politico , the Huffington Post , and the Washington Post :
  • The 49-year-old
... More »

Stunner: Eric Cantor Loses Primary to Tea Party Rival

House majority leader suffers big upset in Virginia

(Newser) - The Tea Party just scored a massive upset: Economics professor David Brat defeated House majority leader Eric Cantor in a GOP primary in Virginia, reports AP . Brat had accused the No. 2 Republican in the House (and one-time Tea Party favorite) of not being conservative enough, and the message evidently... More »

Democrats Meddling With GOP Primaries

Attack ads go easy on less threatening hopefuls: observers

(Newser) - Democrats are launching attack ads aimed at Republican Senate primary candidates—but the ads may actually be designed to get the easiest target nominated, insiders in both parties say. The apparent strategy follows Harry Reid's 2010 work in support of Republican Sharron Angle, who won her primary before losing... More »

Surprise, Surprise: Romney Wins Kentucky, Arkansas

He crosses the 1K delegates mark

(Newser) - If you don't live in Kentucky or Arkansas, you're forgiven for forgetting that tonight is yet another primary night. Those two states went to the polls today, and Mitt Romney emerged victorious in both. The AP reports that he easily took Kentucky, along with all 42 of its... More »

Gingrich: It's Over

He says he's only campaigning now 'as a citizen'

(Newser) - The rollercoaster that has been the GOP presidential primary ended with a whimper today, as Newt Gingrich more-or-less dropped out and more-or-less endorsed Mitt Romney. "It's pretty clear Gov. Romney is gonna be the nominee," Gingrich said in a speech in North Carolina, according to CBS News... More »

Romney Grabs Lead in Pennsylvania

Meanwhile, Santorum says 'damn right' we cling to guns, religion

(Newser) - Bad news for Rick Santorum: Mitt Romney has taken the lead in Santorum's own home state of Pennsylvania. Romney is at 42% support and Santorum at 37% in the latest Public Policy Poll , followed by Ron Paul with 9% and Newt Gingrich at 6%. That's a gain of... More »

Pundits in Unison: It's Over, It's Romney

Rick Santorum is a dead man walking at this point

(Newser) - Did you hear it? The sound of the fat lady singing as Mitt Romney swept Wisconsin, Maryland, and DC last night? These pundits sure did. A round-up of the best everyone-else-is-toast declarations:
  • Jonathan Martin, Politico : "It’s really, truly over. The general election effectively began this week ... [and] by
... More »

Illinois Could Finish Off Santorum

Nate Silver doesn't think the race is close

(Newser) - Look at a map, and you might think the race between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum was relatively close. It's not. Do the math, and you'll see that, barring some kind of breakthrough, Santorum hasn't got a prayer, writes Nate Silver of the New York Times . A... More »

What to Watch in Illinois Primary

Mitt Romney poised for the win as voters hit the polls

(Newser) - Illinois votes for its GOP candidate of choice today, with 69 delegates at stake—the second-most of any state so far. Here's what the experts at Politico and the Daily Beast have their eye on:
  • Can Mitt Romney crack 50%? Polls have Romney heavily favored in the state, and
... More »

It's Over, Newt

Gingrich must go after Alabama, Mississippi losses, pundits agree

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich lost both Mississippi and Alabama last night, and the calls for him to drop out have risen to a deafening roar. Here's what pundits are saying:
  • "If Newt Gingrich can't win Alabama and Mississippi, where can he win?" asks CNN . The states are "virtual
... More »

It All Comes Down to Illinois Now

Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum both need this

(Newser) - Having failed to seal up the nomination in yesterday's Southern primaries , it's all about Illinois now for Mitt Romney. That state's Tuesday primary is the next big one, though Missouri will hold caucuses Saturday and Puerto Rico holds its primary Sunday. Politico calls Illinois "the new... More »

What to Watch for in Today's Primaries

Alabama, Mississippi primaries could seal the deal for Romney

(Newser) - Today's primaries in Mississippi and Alabama are playing an unexpectedly pivotal role in the GOP presidential race. What to keep an eye on, per NPR and Politico :
  • Will Mitt finally win in the South? He's failed to take any of the southern states so far, but he's
... More »

Gingrich: I'm Not Dropping Out

He aims to sweep the South

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich says he's not dropping out, despite increasingly loud calls from Rick Santorum supporters for him to do so. "If I thought [Santorum] was a slam dunk to beat Romney and to beat Obama, I would really consider getting out," Gingrich said in a radio interview... More »

7 Super Tuesday Takeaways

Including how Mitt Romney is like a world-devouring super villain

(Newser) - Now that the dust has cleared, what did we learn on Super Tuesday ? Among the biggest takeaways:
  1. Republicans don't love these guys: "It's almost like a bad version of Goldilocks. Nobody is just right," quips Philip Elliott of the AP . Exit polls showed that a
... More »

Super Tuesday: 4 Candidates, 4 Storylines

Your look at what to watch for today

(Newser) - It's here at last: Super Tuesday, the day 10 states cast their ballots in the 2012 primary. Here's what's at stake for each of the candidates today:
  • Mitt RomneyExpected to win: Massachusetts, Vermont, Virginia. Really wants to win: Ohio and Tennessee. Winning both would give him
... More »

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