chemical burns

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Woman Says Disorder Caused Her to Make Herself Blind

Jewel Shuping says she had someone put drain cleaner in her eyes

(Newser) - Jewel Shuping has been preoccupied with blindness since she was a young girl. She says she used to roam the halls at night at age 3 or 4, the idea of being blind felt "comfortable" when she was 6, and she spent hours staring at the sun when her... More »

Acid Dad Charged With Attempted Murder

Jorge Barahona allegedly abused children found doused in chemicals

(Newser) - Jorge Barahona, the man whose adopted twin children were found doused in toxic chemicals inside his truck on the side of the highway Monday, has been charged with attempted murder for the injuries sustained by 10-year-old Victor, the Miami Herald reports. Barahona, who has not been charged in the death... More »

2 Stories