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Freak Bouncy Castle Accident Proves Fatal

Summer Grant, 7, was carried away by high winds

(Newser) - A seven-year-old girl died on Saturday, all because she was playing in a bouncy castle. A gust of wind sent the inflatable rolling for about 500 feet in a park near London, England, with young Summer Grant trapped inside, the Telegraph reports. Taken to hospital, she died of multiple injuries.... More »

Bounce Houses Take Flight, Injuring 13

Strong wind blows three castles away

(Newser) - Some 13 kids were injured when three bounce houses blew away in the wind on Saturday, taking flight with the children still in them. “It was the craziest thing you ever saw,” said a parent at the Oceanside, New York, kids’ soccer tournament that was hit by powerful... More »

Girls Hurt When Bounce House Blows Away

One lands on a nearby roof, suffers concussion

(Newser) - Everyone loves bouncing in a jumping castle—but in Arizona, things went horribly wrong when a bounce house was carried away by the wind on Saturday. Alissa Baray, 9, and her sister Jessica, 11, were inside the castle at the time, celebrating a birthday party, when a sudden gust of... More »

3 Stories