Egypt elections

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Brotherhood Rejects Egypt Elections, Wants 'Uprising'

Interim administration's decree a return to 'square one'

(Newser) - Egypt's interim leadership has set an elections timetable to establish a new democratic government, but the Muslim Brotherhood immediately rejected the idea and has called for an "uprising." The interim administration wants the current, suspended draft constitution to be amended and ratified in a referendum; parliamentary elections... More »

Egypt's Constitution Passes With 63.8% of Vote

Country's election commission denies voting irregularities, certifies tally

(Newser) - Egypt's controversial proposed constitution has passed its two-part referendum with 63.8% of the vote, the country's election commission said today. The passage is a win for President Mohamed Morsi—whose Islamist allies drafted the constitution, sparking massive street protests—and is right in line with earlier unofficial... More »

Egyptian Prez: Parliament, Get Back to Work

Mohamed Morsi defies military but also orders early elections

(Newser) - Egypt's newly minted president today told parliament to get back to work—but warned that their power won't last, Reuters reports. President Mohamed Morsi's move flies in the face of military generals who disbanded the legislature after a court ruling last month. But Morsi also called for... More »

Egyptian Court: Military Cannot Arrest Civilians

Court overturns decree from earlier this month

(Newser) - The Egyptian army can no longer arrest civilians, a court ruled today. The court overturned a controversial government decree, issued before this month's presidential run-off vote, that gave the military such power. It's a blow for the military as it prepares to transition power over to newly elected... More »

Arab Spring an ‘Islamic Nightmare': Allen West

Obama must 'denounce' Egypt election results

(Newser) - The Muslim Brotherhood's victory in Egypt's presidential election proves that "the Arab Spring is nothing more than a radical Islamic nightmare," Rep. Allen West posted today on his Facebook page . "A year ago there were those of us who warned the Obama administration of a... More »

Morsi: I'll Rethink Israel Peace, Build Iran Ties

Military, secularists involved in behind-scenes deal making

(Newser) - Mohammed Morsi's government will "reconsider the Camp David Accord," the 1979 treaty declaring peace between Egypt and Israel, the newly-elected president told Iran's state-run Fars News Agency today. Morsi was also quoted as saying that he wanted to build closer ties with Iran to "create... More »

Islamist Morsi Wins Egypt Election

Results announced by election commission give win to Muslim Brotherhood-backed candidate

(Newser) - Islamist Mohamed Morsi has won Egypt's closely contested presidential runoff election, the country's election commission said today in a protracted announcement that held an entire nation mesmerized, reports al-Jazeera . Morsi triumphed over Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister, Ahmed Shafiq, garnering almost 52% of the vote, reports the... More »

Egyptians Again Pack Tahrir Square

Protest against military rule

(Newser) - Once again, thousands of Egyptians are protesting in Tahrir Square, this time against the military's power grab following the country's first free presidential election. Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters chanted, "Down with military rule," and are expected to be joined by secular groups later today. But... More »

Egypt Delays Election Result

Officials: We need time to probe violation reports

(Newser) - Egypt's election authority is delaying releasing the results of the presidential election—probably for "a day or two"—while it investigates hundreds of complaints of electoral violations made by rival candidates Mohamed Morsi and Ahmed Shafiq. Muslim Brotherhood candidate Morsi, and Shafiq, ousted leader Hosni Mubarak's... More »

Egypt's Military Grabs Power After Election

As election results come in, military takes power from presidency

(Newser) - Egypt was thrown into turmoil yesterday, after Egypt's military issued a decree taking most powers away from the country's newly elected president. Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi claimed victory over Ahmed Shafiq, Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister, in the country's first free presidential election, but just... More »

Egypt Primed for Revolution Again After 'Soft Coup'

Demonstrations called for after ruling hands power to military

(Newser) - All eyes are on Egypt today, after its Supreme Constitutional Court dissolved parliament , handing the military power in what many are calling a "soft" or "smooth" coup. "The court is not neutral," one Council on Foreign Relations scholar tells CNN . "It is very much part... More »

Court OKs Mubarak PM's Run, Dissolves Parliament

Despite legislation banning old regime figures from running for office

(Newser) - Big election-related news out of Egypt: Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister is still in the presidential race, but all of parliament is out on its head. Legislation had barred former regime figures from running for office, but today's ruling gives Ahmed Shafiq the green light to engage in... More »

Crowd Attacks HQ of Egyptian Presidential Candidate

Ahmed Shafiq's headquarters catches fire

(Newser) - Protesters stormed the campaign headquarters of an Egyptian presidential candidate today just hours after officials announced he would take part in a run-off election next month, Reuters reports. The headquarters of law-and-order candidate Ahmed Shafiq even caught fire, but the flames were quickly put out and there were no reports... More »

In Egypt, Campaign 2.0 Looks a Lot Like Old Days

Same old Brotherhood, military divide, as new generation shut out

(Newser) - Egypt's top two vote-getters are heading into a runoff looking to broaden their traditional bases and shore up a vast middle ground, reports the AP . Neither are revolutionaries: Former air force commander Ahmed Shafiq and Islamist Mohamed Morsi represent the decades-old divide between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood,... More »

Egypt Election Winner? Looks Like a Runoff

Mohamed Morsi likely to face Ahmed Shafiq, but others claim victory, too

(Newser) - Egypt's presidential race is almost certainly heading toward a runoff vote, according to unofficial results so far. The consensus is that Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi was the top vote-getter in the first round, with 30.8% of votes counted so far, but who he'll be facing is... More »

Jubilant Egyptians at Polls for Second Day

Despite months of unrest, mood remains upbeat

(Newser) - Millions of Egyptians went to the polls for a second day today, as the country votes on their first freely chosen president in history, reports the New York Times . So far, voter turnout appears lower than yesterday , but today has been made a holiday so public sector employees can vote,... More »

At Last, Egypt Holds Presidential Election

Turnout expected to be high for two-day vote

(Newser) - Long lines formed in Egypt today for what promises to be the first non-rigged election in the country's long history. Voting will take place today and tomorrow at 13,000 polling places across the country, and turnout is expected to be high. About 150,000 troops are out to... More »

Egypt Election in Turmoil After Clashes Kill 11

Security forces do nothing to break up conflict

(Newser) - Clashes broke out in Cairo this morning between protesters railing against Egypt's ruling military council and people that those protesters described as "thugs," leaving 11 dead and more than 160 wounded. Reuters reports that the military's supporters were armed, and the New York Times says that... More »

Muslim Brotherhood Runs Millionaire for Egypt Presidency

Candidate reverses promise not to participate in presidency

(Newser) - The Muslim Brotherhood had insisted it would not run a candidate in Egypt's presidential elections, but growing conflicts with military rulers have spurred the Brotherhood to reverse course and nominate a candidate, reports al-Jazeera . The move is expected not only to increase tensions with the military, but also with... More »

Egypt Stalls Election Decision

Experts fear military could be against civilian rule

(Newser) - Hosni Mubarak stepped down just over a year ago, but Egypt still shows few signs of a presidential election on the horizon. An election commission was supposed to announce a timetable, but even that has been delayed—officially because of problems organizing voting procedures for Egypt's expatriates. Nominations for... More »

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