Carmen Barahona

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Dad Accused of Killing Kid: She Tried to Poison Me

Nubia Barahona's chemical-covered body found in Jorge's truck in February

(Newser) - The tragic tale of Caylee Anthony isn't the only sad case about a little girl working its way through the Florida court system. Some 930 pages released by Palm Beach County prosecutors yesterday shined a light on Nubia Barahona, whose naked, chemical-covered body was found in adopted father Jorge'... More »

Teacher Warned of Abuse Before 10-Year-Old's Murder

Girl spoke of being beaten on soles of her feet, looked malnourished

(Newser) - School officials had warned a judge that Nubia Barahona and her twin brother were being abused nearly four years before Nubia's body was found doused in toxic chemicals inside her adoptive father's car, a child welfare lawyer revealed yesterday. In a 2007 hearing to decide whether Jorge and Carmen Barahona... More »

2 Stories