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Australia Freezes Ex-Gitmo Inmate's Assets

Prosecutors say royalties from book on Guantanamo violate law

(Newser) - An Australian man who was captured fighting with Taliban forces in Afghanistan and spent five years in Guantanamo Bay prison , where he says he was tortured, has had a family trust frozen by the Australian Supreme Court, reports ABC News in Australia. The trust contains money David Hicks earned from... More »

Aussie Hicks May Get Rich on Gitmo Story

Released prisoner could get $1M for TV, book, magazine rights

(Newser) - A worldwide media bidding war has erupted for rights to the story of Australian David Hicks, the only Guantanamo prisoner convicted of terrorism charges, who was released a month ago from an Australian prison. If Hicks sells his story, he would  violate Australian proceeds-of-crime laws, but his advisers are resolved... More »

Aussie Gitmo Convict Freed From Prison

Hicks served out sentence for aiding al-Qaeda in homeland

(Newser) - David Hicks, who pleaded guilty to aiding al-Qaeda in a US military court at Guantanamo, walked free from a jail in his native Australia on Saturday local time after finishing his sentence. Hicks, 32, was captured fighting alongside Taliban forces in Afghanistan in 2001 and served 5 years at Gitmo... More »

Gitmo Gears up for Terror Trials

US builds new courtroom complex at base

(Newser) - A high-security mobile courtroom complex is under construction at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base as officials prepare to  try 9/11 suspect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other high profile al-Qaeda figures. Military tribunals will try as many as 80 detainees at the complex, three at a time, Reuters reports. Critics complain... More »

Guantanamo Detainee Returns to Australia

Al-Qaeda supporter goes straight to prison

(Newser) - After five years in custody at Guantanamo Bay, David Hicks is back in his native Australia, where the convicted Al-Qaeda supporter will spend the next seven months in a maximum-security prison. His family and other supporters spent years campaigning for his release before Hicks pleaded guilty in March to providing... More »

Hicks Will Walk After 9 Months

Australian's 7-year sentence for aiding terrorists suspended in exchange for silence

(Newser) - Australian terror suspect David Hicks will serve just nine months more in detention, the AP reports, despite receiving a seven-year sentence from a military tribunal at Guantánamo yesterday. In an extraordinary plea deal, the rest of the sentence was suspended in exchange for his silence about his treatment during... More »

Gitmo Detainee Pleads Guilty

Australian who trained with al Quaeda has spent five years in custody

(Newser) - David Hicks became the first person convicted under President Bush's much-maligned military tribunal system after entering a surprise guilty plea  to charges of providing material support to terrorists. The contentious proceedings may prove a new source of controversy, however, as the judge excluded Hicks' stwo civilian lawyers from court and... More »

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