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Jennifer Aniston Goes Topless for Smartwater

New ad stirs up lots of interest, 'Adweek' notes

(Newser) - First she made a "sex tape" hawking Smartwater, now Jennifer Aniston has gone topless for the brand. In Adweek , David Kiefaber calls the new photo "topless yet modest," but bemoans the fact that people are so excited by it: "Really, is it that surprising that she'... More »

Look, a Jen Aniston 'Sex Tape'

Ad for Smart Water really, really wants to go viral

(Newser) - A kid lip-syncing to "Like a G6," dozens of puppies, a guy crying about a double rainbow, another guy getting kicked in the crotch, babies dancing … dirty dancing. Jennifer Aniston’s new ad for Smart Water has all the makings of a viral video, but none so... More »

2 Stories