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Catalan Leaders in Crosshairs After Independence Push

Spain is looking to bring Carles Puigdemont, others up on rebellion, sedition, embezzlement charges

(Newser) - Spain's state prosecutor says it's seeking charges of rebellion, sedition, and embezzlement for members of the ousted Catalan Cabinet and the governing body of the regional parliament that allowed a vote to declare independence last week. The crimes can be punished, respectively, with up to 30, 15, and... More »

Teens Make Healthier Choices When They See It as Defiant

Teen rebellion could be an asset, not a threat

(Newser) - As anyone who can remember being a teenager (or parenting a teenager) well knows, telling a teen to do something because it's the healthy choice just doesn't cut it. Implying that it's an act of defiance against some corrupt authority figure, on the other hand, appears to... More »

Central African Republic Rebels: OK, We'll Talk

Halt advance on Bangui

(Newser) - Rebels in the poverty-stricken Central African Republic have been advancing on the capital for three weeks, but today they agreed to halt and begin peace talks, Reuters reports. They had come within striking distance of Bangui, causing the US to close its embassy in the country and evacuate its citizens... More »

Mass Grave Found in Bangladesh Mutiny

At least 60 killed in border guards' rebellion

(Newser) - Bangladeshi troops have discovered a mass grave in the capital after a border guard mutiny shook the country, the BBC reports. The grave contained the bodies of between 20 and 60 officers in what began as a spat over pay and conditions and has now claimed at least 60 lives.... More »

Surge Fails to Quell Baghdad

US forces control only a third of Iraqi capital, new report says

(Newser) - U.S. and Iraqi forces control only a fraction of Baghdad, despite the three-month-old troop surge. An internal assessment leaked to the Times found two thirds of the city's neighborhoods are still in open rebellion, although surge architects planned to have Baghdad under control by July. “We were way... More »

US Rushes to Aid Lebanon

Troops surround refugee camp, prepare siege or incursion to rout out militants

(Newser) - The US has rushed military aid to Beruit, as the Lebanese army continues to battle Islamist militants holed up in a Palestinian refugee camp. The first shipment arrived today. Condoleeza Rice expressed support for Lebanon's government, if not confidence: "I certainly hope that the Lebanese government will be able... More »

6 Stories