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8 Kids Found Dead in Australian Home

7 of them were siblings, police say

(Newser) - Another tragedy in Australia: Eight children were found stabbed to death at a home in a Cairns suburb today, police say. The children were between 18 months and 15 years in age, reports the Sydney Morning Herald . Seven of them are believed to have been siblings, and their mother was... More »

Ladies, Men Really Don't Feel Your Pain

Researchers find women, parents are much more empathetic

(Newser) - Think your man doesn't feel your pain? It might not be in your head after all. Scientists in Australia say men simply aren't very empathetic when their partners are blue—and they have a national survey to prove it, reports the Herald Sun . Researchers interviewed 20,000 Australians... More »

Sydney Gunman's Ex-Wife Was Burned to Death

Man Haron Monis didn't appear on watch lists

(Newser) - As Australia mourns two hostages killed in a Sydney cafe yesterday, many are wondering what gunman Man Haron Monis was doing on the streets in the first place. The Iranian-born cleric, who was killed when police commandos stormed the cafe, was on bail for around 50 counts of sexual and... More »

Sydney Cafe Victim: Mom of 3

'Best and brightest' barrister Katrina Dawson mourned

(Newser) - A makeshift memorial has been set up in central Sydney and flags across New South Wales will be flown at half-mast today to honor two hostages killed in the Lindt Chocolat Cafe. One victim has been identified as Katrina Dawson, a highly respected barrister and the mother of three children... More »

Uber Runs Into Big Trouble in Sydney

Accused of price-gouging in hostage crisis amid new legal trouble in France

(Newser) - Uber ran smack dab into trouble today amid the somewhat unlikely backdrop of Sydney's hostage crisis: The company's rates quadrupled , automatically soaring because, as users of Uber's app were told, "demand is off the charts." Mashable reported on the issue, and Uber subsequently made all... More »

Police: Sydney Siege 'Is Over;' Gunman and 2 Hostages Dead

Hostages seen fleeing cafe with hands up

(Newser) - More than 16 hours into the hostage situation in Sydney, a dramatic scene and then an ending: The Sydney Morning Herald's live blog reports that police have confirmed the siege has ended, with CNN adding that the gunman was killed in the joint military-police raid. Police are confirming that... More »

Sydney Hostage Taker Demands ISIS Flag

Hostages appear 'pained, strained' as siege goes on

(Newser) - Ominous developments in Sydney, where an unknown number of people are being held hostage in a chocolate shop and cafe: A gunman has contacted multiple media outlets and demanded both an ISIS flag and a phone call to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, according to Sky News Australia , and the... More »

#illridewithyou Triumphs Amid Hostage Situation

Australians come out against anti-Muslim sentiment

(Newser) - In the midst of ominous developments this morning in Sydney, Australia, one encouraging storyline has emerged: Australians are coming out en masse on social media to proclaim that intolerance will not be tolerated. The #illridewithyou hashtag has rapidly gone viral, with residents streaming online to express an eager willingness to... More »

5 Hostages Escape Sydney Chocolate Shop Siege

Up to 30 others still being held, police say

(Newser) - An unknown number of hostages are being held at a chocolate shop and cafe in Sydney in what Prime Minister Tony Abbott says may be a politically motivated incident. Authorities say they're still working to find out how many people are being held in the Lindt Chocolat Cafe, where... More »

Hostages Held in Sydney Chocolate Shop

TV footage showed what appeared to be black flag with white Arabic writing

(Newser) - An apparent hostage situation is unfolding inside a chocolate shop and cafe in Australia's largest city, where several people could be seen through a window with their hands held in the air. New South Wales police said they were dealing with "an armed incident," though they would... More »

Shark Photobombs Surfing Contest

'Nobody was rattled,' competition resumed

(Newser) - A jumping shark has photobombed a surfing competition off an Australian beach. Amateur photographer Steph Bellamy captured the image of the shark with her smartphone last Sunday as she was photographing mothers and their children paddling on their surfboards off a beach in the New South Wales state town of... More »

Woman Learns Koalas Have 'Big Teeth' the Hard Way

Mary Anne Forster needed 12 stitches after attack but doesn't blame the animal

(Newser) - It wasn't the koala's fault, says an Australian woman who was savaged by one of the planet's cutest and most cuddly-appearing creatures. According to 7News Adelaide , Mary Anne Forster was walking her two dogs a couple of weeks ago when they dragged her toward a koala at... More »

Embassies to Australians: Cut Out the Crazy Requests

New rule: Diplomacy does not mean paying its citizens' hookers

(Newser) - No, you can't get a loan to pay for a prostitute in Thailand. And seeking assistance to evict a polecat above a ceiling in the US is going to be futile. Australia is cracking down on such absurd requests that its traveling citizens have lodged with its embassies and... More »

Boys Find Baby's Body Buried in Sand

Police in Sydney searching for infant's mother

(Newser) - Two young boys are receiving counseling after making a horrifying find at a beach in Sydney, Australia, yesterday. The boys, ages 6 and 7, discovered what police say was the decomposed body of a "very small infant child" while they were digging in the sand at Maroubra Beach, the... More »

Funeral Goes Wrong When Thief Steals Hearse, Body

Deceased would have found it all really funny, says sister-in-law

(Newser) - It's tough to hold a funeral when someone's driven off with the body. That's apparently what happened at a recent memorial in Australia, Gawker reports. Shortly before the event, a funeral home worker was getting the hearse ready when "this guy jumped out of the bushes,... More »

By Wedding's End, Bride in Hospital, Groom Arrested

Best man also busted after giant brawl

(Newser) - A wedding in Australia turned into a fight that required six police units to get under control, ABC News reports. Late in the evening, guests called an ambulance because the bride was sick; she was subsequently treated for alcohol poisoning, and the Daily Mail reports that she's been discharged... More »

Huge Hailstones Trash Aussie City

Brisbane hit by biggest storm in decades

(Newser) - Brisbane, Australia's third-largest city, was lashed by its worst storm in decades yesterday, with wind, rain, and hail lifting roofs, cutting power lines, flooding streets, and injuring a dozen people, officials say. The storm struck late in the afternoon, trapping commuters for hours in stalled electric trains and cutting... More »

Cricket Shocker: Star Hit by Ball Dies

Australia mourns player killed in 'freak accident'

(Newser) - Australia is in mourning for one of its top cricket players, who has died two days after being hit in the head by a ball during a match in Sydney. Phillip Hughes was felled by a ball that struck him at the base of the skull, below his helmet, causing... More »

Russian Bombers Will Patrol Near US Shores

Kremlin resuming Cold War-era flights due to 'anti-Russia inclinations'

(Newser) - A "dangerous game of brinkmanship" just got a little closer to home: Russia is sending long-range bombers to do rounds "in the western Atlantic and eastern Pacific, as well as the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico," with Russia's defense minister blaming NATO's "anti-Russia... More »

Guy Parks Plane Outside Pub, Goes in for a Beer

Thirsty Aussie drives wingless plane through town

(Newser) - Buying a plane must be thirsty work: Police in Newman, Western Australia, say a man who had just purchased a two-seater Beechcraft decided to drive it home and stop for a beer at a pub on the main street on the way. A resident says he was astounded to see... More »

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