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Keillor: Emails With Accuser Just 'Romantic Writing'

'No button was unbuttoned and no zipper was unzipped'

(Newser) - Garrison Keillor described sexually suggestive emails he exchanged with a researcher who accused him of sexual misconduct as "romantic writing," and rejected the idea that because he was her boss it could be sexual harassment. The woman responded, via her attorney, that Keillor's power over her job... More »

A Prairie Home Companion Has Been Renamed

In light of the sexual harassment accusations against former host Garrison Keillor

(Newser) - A Prairie Home Companion is changing its name to Town Hall after an allegation of workplace misconduct was made against former host Garrison Keillor. The man who replaced Keillor as host of Prairie Home after Keillor retired last year announced the show's new name Saturday, the AP reports. Chris... More »

Garrison Keillor Says He's Been Fired, It's 'Complicated'

The improper behavior wasn't specified

(Newser) - Garrison Keillor, the former host of A Prairie Home Companion, says he's been fired by Minnesota Public Radio over allegations of improper behavior. Keillor told the AP of his firing in an email; MPR describes it as "terminating its contracts with Garrison Keillor and his private media companies.... More »

Garrison Keillor Looks at Retirement in 2013

But it sounds more like a maybe

(Newser) - The rough times for public radio continue: Garrison Keillor is making headlines tonight by telling AARP's The Bulletin that he plans to retire from A Prairie Home Companion in 2013. But Lake Wobegon fans can take solace in that he left himself plenty of wiggle room. For starters, he'd have... More »

4 Stories