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US Requests More Time to Reunite Immigrant Families

Justice Department asks federal judge to extend deadlines

(Newser) - President Trump's Justice Department has requested more time to reunite immigrant parents with the children taken from them by ICE at the border. Following a federal judge's order that all children under age 5 be reunited with their parents by July 10—and all others by July 25—... More »

Boy, 11, Suspended for Year Over a Leaf

Parents sue school as boy grapples with psychological issues

(Newser) - The details of the story are hazy, but what's certain is this: An 11-year-old was suspended from school in Virginia after school officials in late September found what they believed was a marijuana leaf in his backpack, along with a lighter. (A suit filed in the case alleges the... More »

Student Punished for Driving Drunk Friend Home

School says Erin Cox violated zero-tolerance policy

(Newser) - Erin Cox was just trying to be a good friend when, two weeks ago, she drove to a party to pick up a girl who had called Cox asking for a ride because she had been drinking. But just after Cox got there, the police arrived. According to CBS Boston... More »

Boys Suspended for Playing With Airsoft Gun in Yard

School says they were too close to bus stop

(Newser) - Two seventh-graders in Virginia Beach were suspended until June (their parents are calling it an expulsion) today over an incident that occurred in one of the boys' yards, WAVY reports. Aidan Clark and Khalid Caraballo were waiting for the school bus on Sept. 12 and playing with airsoft guns, which... More »

Middle-Schoolers Suspended for Oregano Possession

A 'travesty of justice,' argues one dad

(Newser) - Four Virginia middle-school boys have been suspended for passing around a plastic bag of oregano that looked like marijuana. "Maybe it was pizza day," chortled Gawker. The school called it an "imitation controlled substance," which is prohibited. But one of the boys' dads, the appropriately named... More »

5 Stories