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Trump Tweets as SCOTUS Deals Big Blow to Labor Unions

Government workers can't be forced to contribute to labor unions that represent them

(Newser) - The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that government workers can't be forced to contribute to labor unions that represent them in collective bargaining, dealing a serious financial blow to organized labor. The justices are scrapping a 41-year-old decision that had allowed states to require that public employees pay some fees... More »

Unions Blast 'Blatantly Political' Suit Headed to SCOTUS

Supreme Court will look at whether all public employees have to pay 'fair share' fees

(Newser) - Teachers and other public employees are now eyeing the Supreme Court after it announced Thursday it will take on a case next summer that may have big repercussions for unions. The Los Angeles Times reports the high court will look at overruling the requirement that all public employees, not just... More »

Wisconsin Judge Overturns Ban on Collective Bargaining

Gov. Walker vows repeal, calls judge a 'liberal activist'

(Newser) - Aching for a victory, Wisconsin public unions got one today when a judge struck down most of the state's ban on collective bargaining for public workers, the Wisconsin State Journal reports. Judge Juan Colas said the controversial law violated workers' constitutional rights to freedom of speech and freedom of... More »

Public Workers Have Lost the PR Battle

Even Democrats are targeting public-sector perks

(Newser) - Public workers fighting to preserve their jobs, salaries, and benefits are running out of allies, the Washington Post finds. Democratic lawmakers searching for budget cuts have joined Republicans in targeting public sector perks. Several states are following Wisconsin's lead in attempting to curb collective bargaining for public workers and... More »

Scott Walker Beats Recall Challenge

Controversial Wisconsin governor will remain in office

(Newser) - After a long, bitter battle and millions of GOP dollars from across the nation, Gov. Scott Walker has survived a recall challenge to remain governor of Wisconsin. Exit polls had the race at 50-50, notes the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel . But with 97% of the vote counted in the high-turnout contest,... More »

American Went Bankrupt to Undercut Union

Healthy companies use bankruptcy to cut labor costs: Stephen Gandel

(Newser) - American Airlines has $4 billion in the bank, doesn’t need emergency financing, and feels quite confident it can keep paying its vendors, business partners, and creditors in full. So where was the crisis that pushed it into bankruptcy ? “It doesn’t appear there was any,” writes... More »

Cain Trips Over Libya Question

'I've got all this stuff twirling around inside my head,' he says

(Newser) - Herman Cain was doing just fine today until someone asked him about Libya. In a meeting with staff of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel , Cain seemed to stumble: "OK, Libya," he said, searching for an answer, the New York Times Caucus Blog reports. “President Obama supported the uprising,... More »

Ohio Voters Reject Anti-Union Measure

It would have limited collective bargaining rights

(Newser) - Ohio voters today defeated the state's new collective bargaining law after an expensive union-backed campaign that pitted firefighters, police officers, and teachers against the Republican establishment. In a political blow to GOP Gov. John Kasich, voters handily rejected the law, which would have limited the bargaining abilities of 350,... More »

Romney Backpedals: I Back Limits on Unions

He supports Ohio ballot measure to curb collective bargaining rights

(Newser) - Mitt Romney is backpedaling today after right and left slammed his stance—or lack thereof—on union powers in Ohio. Yesterday, Romney told listeners at a GOP phone bank that he was “not speaking about the particular ballot issues” in Ohio, including one that would allow the Republican governor... More »

Wisconsin Teachers Quit in Droves After Union Loss

Battered morale, bigger classes trigger retirements

(Newser) - In the wake of Wisconsin's political dust-up over collective bargaining this year, more teachers than ever there are calling it quits. Teachers are retiring at about double the usual rate rather than face battered morale, bigger classes, trimmed pay, greater health care costs, and more pay funneled into retirement... More »

NJ Passes Sweeping Worker Benefit Overhaul

Bill's passage marks big win for Christie, defeat for unions

(Newser) - Amid Wisconsin-style drama, New Jersey's Democrat-controlled legislature passed a plan to force public workers to pay more for benefits. The measure, bitterly opposed by the state's powerful unions, has already passed the state senate and Chris Christie is expected to sign it into law as soon as Friday,... More »

New Jersey Union VP Rails Against 'Adolf Christie'

He later apologized, called statements 'unacceptable'

(Newser) - Godwin’s law alert: A union leader in New Jersey went just a bit overboard yesterday in a rally in front of the statehouse, repeatedly likening Governor Chris Christie to Adolf Hitler. “It took World War II to get rid of Adolf Hitler,” Communications Workers of America... More »

Court Lets Wisconsin Union Law Take Effect

It's a big win for Governor Scott Walker, Republicans

(Newser) - The Wisconsin Supreme Court handed Republican Gov. Scott Walker a major victory today, ruling that his polarizing union rights law can go into effect. In a 4-3 decision, the court said Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi overstepped her authority when she said Republican lawmakers violated the state's opening... More »

Massive Protests Expected in ... Madison

Capitol steels itself for rallies today

(Newser) - Here we go again: With Republicans trying once more to pass Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial collective bargaining limits, the state Capitol in Madison is steeling itself for more protests. Walker’s budget will be debated at the Capitol today, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports, and thousands of protesters are... More »

Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin's Anti-Union Law

Says GOP violated open meetings law in vote

(Newser) - A Wisconsin county judge has struck down the state’s controversial law limiting public unions’ collective bargaining rights, ruling that Republicans broke the state’s open meeting law when passing it . In her ruling, Judge Maryann Sumi wrote that she wasn’t ruling against the law because it was “... More »

Wisconsin Judge's Race Tilts to Democrats

Left sees result as referendum against Scott Walker, anti-union law

(Newser) - A Wisconsin judicial election widely seen as a referendum on Scott Walker's anti-union ways looks to be bad news for the governor. With all precincts counted, an assistant attorney general named JoAnne Kloppenburg—she's backed by liberals—holds a razor-thin lead of about 200 votes over sitting State Supreme Court... More »

Wisconsin Woman Emailed Death Threats to GOP: Cops

Katherine Windels was not happy with idea of anti-union law

(Newser) - As Wisconsin Republicans pushed for a law curbing union rights, 26-year-old Katherine R. Windels decided to send a note to 15 GOP lawmakers voicing her displeasure. That part's fine. What's not, police say, is that the subject line of her March 9 email read: "Atten: Death Threat!!!! Bomb!!!"... More »

Ohio Passes Anti-Union Bill

Bill in some ways harsher than Wisconsin's

(Newser) - Ohio's House and Senate each passed a controversial bill yesterday that will in some ways limit the rights of public workers even more than Wisconsin's much-discussed law. As lawmakers voted on the bills, jeers from pro-labor protesters and chants of "Shame on you!" filled their chambers, the AP... More »

Wisconsin Will Ignore Judge, Implement Union Law

State officials say it's officially in place, despite court warning

(Newser) - Wisconsin's battle over collective bargaining rights has gone from being the nation's most contentious labor fight to its most confusing. State officials said tonight they will continue implementing the new law-that-might-not-be-a-law, even though a judge made it "crystal clear" they should hold off until legal questions were resolved, reports... More »

Ohio House Panel Approves Anti-Union Bill

But bill is softened from original version

(Newser) - An Ohio House panel today passed a bill that would curb collective bargaining rights for public-sector unions, after adding a number of controversial amendments. The new additions would allow public workers to opt out of paying dues, force unions to hold a vote before spending money politically, and allow local... More »

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