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Costly News: US Military's Equipment Is 'Geriatric'

Average F-15 is 25 years old

(Newser) - Precious few Americans drive cars manufactured in 1964—the same isn't true of the US Air Force. The average age of an Air Force plane ranges from 25 years for an F-15 to 47 years for refueling aircraft, the Wall Street Journal reports in a look at a pricey... More »

Next in Budget Crosshairs: Afghanistan War

'Money is the new 800-lb gorilla,' says one official

(Newser) - With budget battles in Washington growing ever fiercer and the US military poised to spend $113 billion on operations in Afghanistan this year, cost is going to be the largest factor in troop reductions there, reports the Washington Post . Afghanistan's inaccessibility and lack of resources means nearly everything the... More »

No-Fly Zone Price Tag: $1B

How much allies will absorb remains to be seen

(Newser) - Just when it seemed the US couldn't afford to spend another penny on anything come estimates that the price of enforcing a no-fly zone in Libya could hit $1 billion within weeks. Coalition forces spent some $112 million in the first hour of the air assault, based on missile prices... More »

3 Stories