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New Tools to Spot Alzheimer's: Eye, Smell Tests

Cues could be spotted early enough to reverse disease

(Newser) - Could tests as simple as a scratch-and-sniff smell quiz or an eye exam help detect Alzheimer's early enough to make a difference? Research to be unveiled at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference this week outlines several promising directions scientists are looking at in order to spot the disease... More »

Curry Spice 'Can Spot Explosives'

Turmeric chemical used to detect TNT

(Newser) - An ingredient commonly found in curry powder could make the world a safer place as well as a spicier one, researchers say. Circumin, the main chemical in the spice turmeric, can be used to create a cheap way of spotting explosives, according to research presented to the American Physical Society.... More »

2 Stories