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Teacher Apologizes After Class Picks Racist Nickname

She posted it, says she was unaware it was a slur

(Newser) - School officials are apologizing after a group of sixth-graders in Texas chose a derogatory nickname for their class. Classrooms were allowed to pick nicknames as part of a team-building exercise at Bell Manor Elementary School in Bedford, and one class wanted to be called the "Jighaboos," a name... More »

Top NH Cop Not Sorry for Calling Obama the N-Word

'He meets my criteria for such,' says commissioner

(Newser) - Amid calls for his resignation, a New Hampshire police commissioner is refusing to even apologize for using a racist slur to describe President Obama. After a resident of the small and almost entirely white town of Wolfeboro overheard Robert Copeland in a restaurant loudly using the n-word to describe the... More »

Alaska's Don Young Apologizes for Slur

Congressman sorry for 'wetbacks' remark

(Newser) - Don Young didn't offer any half-apologies this time. After a day of withering criticism from his own party leaders, the GOP congressman from Alaska said he was sorry for referring to Mexican farm workers as "wetbacks" in a radio interview, reports the Anchorage Daily News . His statement:
  • "
... More »

Lawyer: Zimmerman Said 'Punks,' Not Slur

Audio expert backs him up on 911 tape

(Newser) - Trayvon Martin's killer has told his attorney he said "punks"—not a racist slur—seconds before shooting the black teenager—and an audio expert backs him up, reports CNN . Much has been made of the 911 call gunman George Zimmerman dialed just before the shooting, with many... More »

Fired ESPN Editor on Lin Headline: 'Honest Mistake'

Anthony Federico 'devastated' at his error

(Newser) - The canned ESPN editor behind the apparently racist Jeremy Lin headline tells the New York Daily News it was "an honest mistake," and "had nothing to do with me being cute or punny." Anthony Federico says he's used the phrase "chink in the armor"... More »

Rick Perry's Family Camp Long Known by Racist Name

Perry says name changed, but others contradict him

(Newser) - Rick Santorum might not be the only Republican presidential candidate with a name problem. Back when Rick Perry was a young Democrat politician, he used to host events at his family's West Texas hunting camp, a retreat called "Niggerhead," reports the Washington Post . The offensive name, written... More »

Racist Obama Signs Posted at University of Kentucky

Slurs are posted at University of Kentucky

(Newser) - University of Kentucky officials have launched an investigation after two signs that used a racist slur to denounce President Obama were discovered on campus. One sign was hung on a door of the law school. Another—which read "How Do You Spell N*****? OBAMA"—appeared on a campus... More »

7 Stories