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In World's Newest Nation, Army Is Burning Girls Alive

UN report describes torture, rape, abductions in South Sudan

(Newser) - Violence in South Sudan, which broke from Sudan in 2011, has escalated to "a new brutality and intensity," according to a new UN report accusing the Sudan People's Liberation Army of carrying out a campaign of "killing, rape, abduction, looting, arson, and displacement." It notes... More »

With Gadhafi Forces Gone, Tripoli Atrocities Uncovered

110 killings documented by Human Rights Watch thus far

(Newser) - As rebels cement their control of Libya and continue toward Moammar Gadhafi's hometown of Sirte, human rights observers are discovering evidence of ever more bloody atrocities committed in Tripoli in recent days, reports the Wall Street Journal . Human Rights Watch workers have documented 110 bodies in four locations around... More »

Libya's Lesson: It's OK to Stop Genocide

Stopping atrocities is most important, even if inconsistent

(Newser) - The US intervention into the bloody unrest in Libya has drawn a wide range of criticisms—President Obama has not explained US objectives, there's no exit strategy, it's inconsistent to get involved in Libya and not elsewhere—and "those critics are all right," writes Nicholas Kristof in the... More »

3 Stories