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This Is the World's Happiest Country

World Happiness Report is out for 2018

(Newser) - The United States is at its unhappiest level since the annual World Happiness Report was first released in 2012. This year, the US came in No. 18, down four spots from last year, the Washington Post reports. The report was released Wednesday by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, an initiative... More »

Want to Be Happy? Get Thee to These US Cities

Boulder ranks No. 1 on this happiness index

(Newser) - Smiling, relaxed Californians aren't just hype. Three cities in the Golden State are at the top of the list in a new happiness survey, though Boulder, Colo., is the city that experiences the most existential ecstasy. The National Geographic Gallup Special/Blue Zones Index, compiled by National Geographic author Dan... More »

America Has a New 'Happiest' State

It's beautiful Alaska

(Newser) - Dark horse Alaska has come from behind to claim the title of the happiest state in the US, LiveScience reports. Snagging the designation from 2013 winner North Dakota, Alaska—which didn't even make the top 10 in 2013—topped Gallup's Well-Being Index in 2014 for the first time... More »

America Has a New Happiest State

Sorry, Hawaii, it's ... North Dakota

(Newser) - What's better than sandy beaches, sunshine, and luaus? Bitter winters and oil drilling, apparently. North Dakota is now the happiest state in the US, LiveScience reports, having taken the crown that Hawaii has worn for the past four years. The 50th state crashed to eighth place, per Gallup's... More »

World's Happiest Country Is...

Denmark, and unhappiest is Togo: report

(Newser) - Bhutan measures the mood of its citizens in a national happiness index , and in an international meeting held at the UN yesterday and led by the country, it urged other nations to follow its lead. A report released for the meeting, taking into account polls from 2005 to 2011, ranks... More »

The Happiest US State Is ...

Hawaii wins again, followed by North Dakota and Minnesota

(Newser) - So people like sun and surf and swaying palm trees —who knew. For the third straight year, Hawaii has taken first place in a national poll of happiness among US states, LiveScience reports. The telephone survey of more than 350,000 adults posed questions about emotional health, work environment,... More »

Global Happiness Tops Pre-Recession Levels

Happiness up most in developing world; rich Europe gloomier

(Newser) - People are happier today than they were before the worldwide recession hit, according to an Ipsos survey of 19,000 adults in 24 countries, reports the Economist . Those calling themselves "happy" numbered 77% in the poll, up from 74% in 2007, and those who labeled themselves "very happy"... More »

The Exact Income You Need To Be Happy Is...

$75K, assuming you've also got friends

(Newser) - How much money is enough money? Exactly $75,000, according to a new study. Economist Angus Deaton and Nobel prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman looked at data from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, and found that people reported becoming happier as their household income increased—until it hit $75,000. After that,... More »

North Korea Is 2nd-Happiest Nation: North Korea

America, of course, is dead last

(Newser) - A new highly credible study from the North Korean government has discovered that it is—surprise!—the second-happiest nation on Earth, behind only China, according to the Shanghaiist . Apparently starvation, poverty, and rampant oppression didn’t stop the nation from earning 98 out of 100 happiness points, behind China’... More »

In One Massachusetts Town, a Goal: Be Happier

Somerville works to create a happiness index

(Newser) - Somerville, Mass., is famous for being the hometown of Marshmallow Fluff. It would like to be famous for something else, too: exceptionally happy residents. It was inspired, exotically enough, by Bhutan , which decided to put happiness ahead of its gross domestic product in terms of important measures, and has used... More »

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