Portugal bailout

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Wall Street Freaks Over Portuguese Bank's Crisis

Banco Espirito Santo missis payment to creditors

(Newser) - The Dow plunged 153 points at the open this morning, reports the Wall Street Journal , as investors cast a worried eye toward Portugal and its second-largest lender. Banco Espirito Santo's shares plunged more than 17% before trading was halted on them, after its parent company revealed that it had... More »

Portugal May Need a 2nd Bailout

Country's troubles likened to Greek crisis

(Newser) - In order to pay back $11.6 billion in debt, Portugal needs to re-enter capital markets next year—and as it stands, that's looking like a tall order. The deadline isn't until September 2013, but the International Monetary Fund could call on the country to release a financial... More »

IMF Chief's Sex Rap Rattles Europe Economies

Arrest could hinder bailout negotiations

(Newser) - The Manhattan arrest of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn on attempted rape charges comes at a critical time for the European economy. Key debt bailout negotiations were planned for this week just as Strauss-Kahn will be battling charges against him in New York, reports the Wall Street Journal . A meeting with... More »

Portugal Reaches Bailout Deal

Will be worth about $116 billion over three years

(Newser) - Portugal pleaded for a bailout , and now it's got one. The hard-up nation has negotiated a bailout from the EU and IMF worth about $116 billion. The three-year loan is a "good agreement that defends Portugal," according to caretaker PM Jose Socrates, who added that Portugal would... More »

Euro Plummets on Greek Default Fears

Developments in Portugal, Finland deepen market panic

(Newser) - The euro took a nose dive today, and so did the bonds of weak eurozone nations, as investors panicked over fresh speculation that Greece will have to restructure its debt in the near future, and the election of an anti-Euro party in Finland. German government sources tell Reuters that they... More »

Portugal Pleads for Bailout

Country is third EU victim of debt crisis

(Newser) - Portugal is biting the bullet and admitting that it desperately needs a massive bailout from its European Union partners to stay afloat. Caretaker prime minister Jose Socrates told the nation that the decision to seek a bailout was "a last resort" as interest rates on its short-term debt skyrocket,... More »

6 Stories