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Cremation Alternative: Try 'Liquefaction'

Florida funeral home gets first such device

(Newser) - Its name sounds almost like a new kitchen gizmo, but the Resomator is ... not that. The machine is being pitched as a greener alternative to cremation, and the first one in the US will be in use soon at a funeral home in St. Petersburg, Florida, reports the BBC . The... More »

How Japan Quake Liquefied a Town 200 Miles Away

Urayasu dealing with warped streets, tilted buildings

(Newser) - Urayasu lies 200 miles south of the Japan earthquake epicenter, far from the danger zone—so why are residents relieving themselves in plastic bags while waiting for their sewage, water, and gas services to be restored? Though no buildings fell and no tsunami hit in this seaside town on March... More »

2 Stories