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Ivory Coast Bars Skin Whiteners

Creams may cause cancer, diabetes: health ministry

(Newser) - Ivory Coast's health ministry has "forbidden" skin-whitening creams popular across West Africa over concerns that they may cause diabetes, skin cancer, and hypertension. The ban applies to all "cosmetic lightening and hygiene creams ... that de-pigment the skin," most of which contain mercury, cortisone, vitamin A, or... More »

In Jamaica, a Disturbing Number Bleach Skin

Health officials warn against the practice, but trend persists

(Newser) - In Jamaica, the popular trend of skin bleaching has reached disturbing and dangerous heights, doctors say. Despite public health campaigns warning against the practice, many residents purchase concoctions—sometimes from roadside vendors—that claim to lighten the skin. One dermatologist even had a patient who started bleaching her baby. "... More »

2 Stories