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Brock Turner Judge Is First Recalled in Decades

Tight California races still too close to call

(Newser) - Tuesday was a big day for primaries, with votes held in eight states, but one of the day's biggest results involved a judge, not a lawmaker. Voters in California have ousted Aaron Persky, the judge who sentenced former Stanford student Brock Turner to six months for sexually assaulting an... More »

2 Dems Ousted Over Gun Stance in Colorado Recall

Will be replaced by Republicans after NRA-backed election

(Newser) - Colorado voters have fired two clear warning shots in the gun control debate, voting to kick two Democratic state lawmakers who supported stricter firearm laws out of office. Senate president John Morse and Senator Angela Giron will both be replaced with Republicans, following a recall election yesterday, reports the Denver ... More »

Wife Hits Hubby With SUV Over Wisconsin Recall Vote

Jeffrey Radle attempted to block wife from leaving

(Newser) - Let’s just say Jeffrey Radle and wife Amanda don’t quite see eye-to-eye politically: Amanda wanted to drive to the polls in her Wisconsin town Tuesday, but Jeffrey kept blocking her … so she eventually—allegedly—ran him over with her SUV. Jeffrey supports Gov. Scott Walker but Amanda... More »

Milwaukee Mayor to Run Against Scott Walker

Barrett aims to unseat Wisconsin governor June 5

(Newser) - Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has won a hard-fought primary campaign to become the Democrat who will seek to unseat Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in a recall election June 5. Barrett—who was defeated by Walker in November 2010—beat nearest rival Kathleen Falk 58% to 32%, despite the millions of... More »

Opponents Launch Walker Recall Push

Wisconsin guv launches ad campaign in response

(Newser) - The recall effort against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker kicked off today with a midnight filing and a series of midnight signature collecting events around the state. Organizers, who are also looking to recall Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, have 60 days to gather 540,208 valid signatures, but they hope to... More »

Arizona Senate President Loses Recall Vote

Election centered on the immigration law he championed

(Newser) - An underfunded upstart challenger appears to have knocked out Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, in a historic recall election seen mainly as a referendum on the harsh immigration law Pearce championed. While the results aren’t yet official, with all districts reporting, challenger Jerry Lewis was up 52.4% to... More »

Democrats: Scott Walker Recall Effort Begins Nov. 15

Party seeks to collect 540K signatures by January

(Newser) - Wisconsin's Democrats have announced the date that they hope will be the beginning of the end for the state's controversial Republican governor. The effort to recall Scott Walker will officially begin on Nov. 15, when petitions for a recall begin circulating, Talking Points Memo reports. Volunteers will have... More »

Wisc. GOP Looks to Pick Off a Dem Today

Last of the recall elections held today

(Newser) - The Wisconsin GOP already claimed victory in last week's Republican recall races by maintaining control of the state Senate, but they want more: namely, Democrat Jim Holperin's seat. Holperin is one of two Democratic state senators up for recall today, and Republicans think they can pick him off,... More »

Today's Wis. Recall Could Rock US

Entire nation is interested in elections

(Newser) - Wisconsin voters go to the polls today for the first of six recall elections prompted by Gov. Scott Walker's controversial collective bargaining law—and interest is so high, some local officials predict "presidential-election level turnout," reports Politico . Campaign finance records have been shattered as outside interest groups... More »

'Fake Democrats' Fall in Wisconsin Primaries

Democratic challengers will face Republican incumbents next month

(Newser) - None of the six "fake Democrats" put up by the Wisconsin Republican Party managed to stage an upset in yesterday's state Senate primary elections, setting the stage for the "real" Democratic challengers to face off with Republican incumbents next month. The ploy had already achieved its intended... More »

'Fake Democrats' Scheme to Cost Wisconsin $428K

Both parties in Wisconsin now joining in the primary ploy

(Newser) - Ah, fiscal responsibility. Wisconsin Republicans‘ convoluted plan to create phony Democratic primaries will wind up costing taxpayers more than $428,000, election clerks tell the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel —and that figure is probably on the low side, since it doesn't count five counties. And even if the Republicans... More »

Recall Fever Targets the Nation's Mayors

Viral campaigns make it easier to try to kick hizzoner out

(Newser) - Voters haven’t exactly been thanking mayors for the tough budget decisions they’ve had to make in the wake of the financial crisis. Instead, there’s been an unprecedented wave of recall drives across the country, USA Today reports. Last year, 57 mayors faced recall attempts, up from 23... More »

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