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Arizona GOP Makes New Push for Birther Law

Lawmakers, Sheriff Joe are pushing for a new bill

(Newser) - They're baaaaack: Arizona's GOP lawmakers are reviving the birther debate as they attempt to pass a law that would require presidential candidates to swear, via affidavit, that they are qualified to be president—ie, that they were born in the US—before the state will put them on... More »

Birther Bills Pop Up in More Than a Dozen States

Debate could take center stage during election

(Newser) - Forget the evidence ; ignore the Supreme Court and Michele Bachmann . With some 45% of Republicans believing Barack Obama is foreign-born, more than 12 state legislatures have seen bills requiring candidates to prove citizenship, reports the New York Times . And Oklahoma is poised to make its measure law, calling for even... More »

Jan Brewer Vetoes Arizona Campus Gun, Birther Bills

Governor labels 'birther' law a 'bridge too far'

(Newser) - Arizona's Republican governor has vetoed the "birther bill" passed by the state legislature . Jan Brewer called the bill, which would have required presidential candidates to prove their citizenship before appearing on Arizona ballots, "a bridge too far," CNN reports. "As a former secretary of state,... More »

Circumcision Certificate OK in Arizona Birther Bill

The snip that might prove citizenship

(Newser) - If President Obama can't come up with his long-form birth certificate to run in Arizona, his circumcision papers might be sufficient to pass the state's 'birther bill' requirements —if he has any. Arizona's bill, passed by the state Senate, initially insisted that only a long-form... More »

4 Stories