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Russia Shows Solidarity With France With Adorable Puppy

Russia hopes little Dobrynya can replace a police dog that died earlier this week

(Newser) - Russia is sending a German shepherd puppy named Dobrynya to France in the cuddliest show of international solidarity possible, the Independent reports. In Russian folklore, Dobrynya was "the personification of strength, kindness, bravery and selflessness," according to Sky News . In a statement, a Russian official called the puppy... More »

Man Embarks on Epic Journey —for a Puppy

Joel Carpenter has no regrets and a new best friend

(Newser) - It was love at first sight for Joel Carpenter. When he set eyes on Sadie, via a photo over the Internet, he says he had "this intense gut feeling" and knew he had to see her. So the 23-year-old, who is unemployed, bought a one-way ticket to Minneapolis—it... More »

Cops Serving Warrant End Up Rescuing Puppy

It was stuck in drainage pipe, just a week or two old

(Newser) - Police serving a drug-related search warrant at a Phoenix home found themselves part of a 10-hour rescue effort to free a puppy trapped in a sewage pipe. Authorities say officers went to the home yesterday morning and found a very young puppy alive but stuck in an open pipe that... More »

GoDaddy Nixes Super Bowl Ad —About Puppy Mill

Ad featuring dog, Danica Patrick stirred up brouhaha

(Newser) - GoDaddy is no stranger to controversy when it comes to Super Bowl ads, and this year, the company has already pulled one, the Chicago Tribune reports. Animal lovers were furious over an ad that shows a puppy falling off the back of a truck, then heroically making his way home—... More »

Cops: Flier Drowned Puppy She Couldn't Bring on Plane

Cynthia V. Anderson accused of killing Doberman

(Newser) - There are awful stories and then there are awful stories. Brace yourself for the latter. Nebraska police say a Florida woman who wasn't permitted to board a flight with a puppy not yet two weeks old may have drowned the animal in a bathroom at the Central Nebraska Regional... More »

Dog Finds Puppies Abandoned in Trash Bag

3 terrier puppies were left near a trash can in an East Bay park

(Newser) - A couple was walking their dog in a park east of San Francisco when the Australian shepherd stopped to check out a garbage bag in a box near a trash can. The couple opened the bag, which was tied at the top, and found three 5-week-old terrier puppies inside. After... More »

Strange Find in Pocket of Drug Suspect: Tiny Puppy

'Pocket' is maybe 4 weeks old, getting ready for adoption

(Newser) - Police searching the pockets of a suspected drug dealer in Lawrence, Mass., got an unusual surprise. An officer pulled out a tiny pit bull puppy and handed it over to animal control. The little dog was separated from its mother too soon and got sick and dehydrated, but is now... More »

CEO Caught Kicking Puppy Will Donate $100K

Des Hague of Centerplate says he's 'ashamed and deeply embarrassed'

(Newser) - The CEO of a company that provides food to sports stadiums in the US and Canada will donate $100,000 to create a fund for abused animals after he got caught on video kicking a puppy, reports CBC . Des Hague of Centerplate was captured on an elevator video repeatedly kicking... More »

Rescuers Say Puppy Led Them to Girl Lost for Days

3-year-old was missing in Siberian wilderness for 11 days

(Newser) - It is, as Gawker notes, "better than a Disney movie." A 3-year-old girl survived 11 days in a remote Siberian forest and got rescued thanks to her puppy, reports the Siberian Times . Karina Chikitova's trouble began July 29 when she got lost, apparently after setting out to... More »

Guy Sues: Cop Tased Me With a Puppy, Bro

Officer says man was being disorderly

(Newser) - It is accepted fact that holding a puppy can get a guy on most girls' warm and fuzzy side. This accepted fact does not, however, appear to carry over to the realm of Taser-wielding cops in New Mexico, reports KOAT-TV . As Eppie Cruz Montoya tells it, he was innocently trying... More »

Puppy Survives 4 Weeks in Impounded Car

Kia probably ate McDonald's trash, but had no water

(Newser) - A 12-week-old puppy somehow managed to survive for four of those weeks in an impounded car in Kansas City, the Kansas City Star reports. Little Kia is believed to have subsisted on McDonald's trash and cigars that were left in the Buick, which was impounded April 8 for being... More »

Train Narrowly Avoids Puppy Tied to Tracks

'Senile' Calif. culprit won't face charges

(Newser) - A puppy in California is doing fine and is up for adoption after a very lucky escape. A train engineer spotted a man walking away from something left on train tracks in Riverside County and hit the emergency brakes just in time to avoid hitting a 10-month-old poodle-terrier mix that... More »

Keys to Longer Life: Puppy, Spouse

Finding love later in life still counts

(Newser) - The ticket to a longer life: happiness, reports the Daily Mail . In 1940, Harvard researchers reviewed 200 young, white, healthy men; they checked back in on that group every two years. They found that happiness (stemming from factors like marriage, puppies, and friendships) had more of an impact than social... More »

Thief Can't Get Money, Stuffs Puppy in Pants Instead

Pomeranian worth $1K

(Newser) - When a thief walked into a Long Island pet store last month, he was looking for cash—but when he couldn’t open the register, he settled for stealing a Pomeranian puppy … which he stuffed in his pants. The suspect and another man entered the Zoorama Pet Store together,... More »

William Gives Kate a Puppy

Royal pair spotted with a new black Lab, says tabloid

(Newser) - The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge reportedly have a new bundle of joy, but it's a bit more furry than the one diehard royal watchers were hoping for. Prince William has given Kate Middleton a Labrador retriever puppy, reports the Mirror , likely for her 30th birthday. “The dog... More »

Mobster Asks For Break After FBI Blasts Puppy

Lawyer says the dog has 'never been the same'

(Newser) - A lawyer for an alleged mobster is asking a judge for leniency in sentencing, saying his client's small Maltese puppy was traumatized when an FBI team stormed into his Staten Island home and tossed concussion grenades. The dog was thrown across the room by the blast and "has... More »

DreamWorks Artist Charged With Beating Puppy to Pulp

Young Song faces felony animal cruelty charge

(Newser) - An animator who helped bring lovable creatures to life in movies like Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar 2 has been arrested for what Humane Society workers describe as one of the worst cases of animal abuse they've ever seen. DreamWorks employee Young Song is accused of shooting his neighbor'... More »

Man Faces Charges After Tossing Puppy From Car

But the pooch is fine!

(Newser) - A Chicago man faces charges of animal cruelty after throwing a puppy out of a moving car into traffic, reports the Chicago Tribune . Sergieu Muresan, 26, turned himself in after seeing a warrant for his arrest 11 days after he tossed the pup out a window in a busy Chicago... More »

Puppy-Drowning Girl Gets Off Scot Free

Apparently she's 12

(Newser) - Bosnian police have found the red-hooded girl who posted a video of herself throwing puppies into a river—and they’re not charging her with anything. According to a report in a German newspaper and translated by Gawker , police said the girl was only 12 years old, and hence “... More »

Puppy Found With Severed Jaw

He finds love at NY auto body shop

(Newser) - The horrible news is owners of an upstate New York auto shop found a mangled puppy in the back of a client's van. The good news is the pup has been patched up and the couple is adopting the tail-wagging hound. The malnourished 8-month-old pit bull, Rockford, was discovered huddled... More »

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