Pippa Middleton

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Guy Busted in Hack of Pippa Middleton's Photos

Tried to sell 3K pictures from hacked iCloud account

(Newser) - British cops have charged a 35-year-old man with hacking the iCloud account of Pippa Middleton—complete with some 3,000 images—then promptly trying to sell its contents to two UK tabloids for about $65,000, reports the BBC . The thief contacted the Sun and the Daily Mail under the... More »

Pippa Has Deep Thoughts on 2014, Kim K's Butt

Kate's little sis writes about 'American booty culture' in special Christmas blog

(Newser) - While the Duchess of Cambridge has been fundraising Stateside and hanging with LeBron , little sister Pippa Middleton has been winding down 2014 by gazing wistfully back at the events of yore. In a special blog for the Christmas edition of the Spectator , Middleton dishes about her recent truffle-hunting expedition ("... More »

Pippa's Writing Career Flops

Middleton's column won't run in the 'Telegraph' anymore

(Newser) - Kate Middleton has some pretty decent job security. The same apparently can't be said for sister Pippa, whose career as an auteur has hit yet another stumbling block. First came the abysmal sales of her book . Next, as the Daily Beast reports, Pippa's biweekly "Court and Social"... More »

Pippa Middleton Engaged: Sources

And Prince Harry is close to it, other sources claim

(Newser) - Is the owner of one of the world's favorite rear ends about to go off the market? That's what sources tell Us , claiming that Pippa Middleton is engaged to boyfriend Nico Jackson. The two have been together 15 months, but you can take this news with a grain... More »

Celebs Made a Lot of Weekend Announcements

Engagements, weddings, and babies

(Newser) - Apparently Labor Day weekend is a popular time to announce or carry out important life events. Here's what you may have missed while you were getting in the last of your summer fun:
  • Katie Couric got engaged to banker John Molner, People reports. She's been dating the 50-year-old
... More »

Wee Prince Meets Royal Great-Grandma

As well as Uncle Harry, Aunt Pippa

(Newser) - No, sorry, we don't have a name yet—but we can tell you that the royal baby has met his royal great-grandmother, known to you commoners as Queen Elizabeth. She and Prince Harry met the babe this morning at London's Kensington Palace, Us reports. Potential names were probably... More »

Pippa's New Job Is Kind of Embarrassing

Middleton writing for supermarket's in-house magazine

(Newser) - It must be tough to be Pippa Middleton: Your sister is basically a princess, currently carrying the future king or queen of England in her beloved womb, while you're stuck ... writing for a supermarket's in-house magazine. Yes, party planner Pippa, whose book bombed , has a new gig writing... More »

Sales of Pippa's Book: Abysmal

A book called 'Peppa Pig's Christmas Wish' is above it on the charts...

(Newser) - Apparently the public's love of Pippa Middleton's rear end wasn't enough to catapult her new party-planning book to success. Celebrate sold just about 2,000 copies in its first week, and is currently 177th on Amazon.com's UK best-sellers list—right below something called Peppa Pig'... More »

Karl Lagerfeld Does Not Like Pippa Middleton's Face

Her sister Kate, however, has a 'romantic' look

(Newser) - Karl Lagerfeld continued his transition from fashion designer to cranky old man with yet another hilariously mean observation : Pippa Middleton "struggles" with her looks, at least from the front. While praising Kate Middleton, Lagerfeld revealed that he does not enjoy looking at her sister, the Sun reports. More »

Pippa Laughing Off Gungate: Pal

Lawyer who pointed gun represents gun maker for US firm

(Newser) - Her Royal Hotness is still chuckling about a pal who pointed a gun at paparazzi pursuing their car in Paris, reports the Daily Beast . Pippa Middleton thought it was "very funny," says friend Marcy de Soultrait. "We are funny people, it's what we do," he... More »

'Gun Joke' Backfires on Pippa

She could face arrest with driver, who pointed gun in Paris

(Newser) - A "gun joke" involving palace sis-in-law Pippa Middleton is causing a royal stir. The driver of a car that Pippa, 28, was riding in smilingly pointed what looked like a gun at pestering paparazzi in Paris over the weekend. Now he says he was just goofing around, and the... More »

Pippa's Future Home: Hogwarts?

Middleton reportedly dating George Percy, heir to Alnwick Castle

(Newser) - Pippa could become the second Middleton with access to a castle. Her Royal Hotness is back together with a noble ex-fling, George Percy, a rich earl who is heir to the Duke of Northumberland. That dukedom just happens to include Alnwick Castle, otherwise known as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter ... More »

Pippa's Pilates Teacher Releases 'Perfect Bum' DVD

Finally, Middleton's rear is available to the masses

(Newser) - Admit it: You would like to replicate Pippa Middleton’s rear end . Well, maybe now you can, thanks to a new workout DVD her Pilates teacher is releasing. The Perfect Pilates Bum comes from Margot Campbell, and though it doesn’t mention Pippa specifically, the Telegraph notes that Campbell is... More »

Barbara Walters Unveils Year's 'Most Fascinating'

And, yes, it includes Kardashians

(Newser) - We could have picked a few other choice adjectives for the Kardashians, but for Barbara Walters, they're some of the most fascinating people of the year. Joining them for Walters' The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011 special: Modern Family stars Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet (aka Mitch... More »

Pippa Signs Six-Figure Book Deal

And we're sure her royal connections have nothing to do with it

(Newser) - When do you get paid six figures to write a party planning book? When you’re Pippa Middleton, of course. Her Royal Hotness has officially signed a book deal worth more than $620,000 to write the guide, which will be out by next Christmas, the Telegraph reports. She was... More »

Pippa Middleton Is Single Again

Go ahead, say it: OMG!

(Newser) - Now is the time for you to book a plane ticket to the UK and take your shot, because Pippa Middleton and her almost-award-winning rear end are single once again. Her Royal Hotness broke up with former cricketer Alex Loudon following weeks of fighting, reports the Sun . (Actually, the Sun... More »

10 Really Relevant Halloween Costumes

Want people to talk about your outfit? Start here

(Newser) - Why dress up as a maid or a construction worker when you can instead construct a Halloween costume that’s relevant to our times? Time offers up a list of ideas, complete with instructions:
  • Pregnant Beyonce: Grab yourself a fake baby bump (unless, of course, you’re already pregnant) and
... More »

New Plastic Surgery Trend: The 'Pippa Butt Lift'

But is her bum real, or was it—gasp—padded?

(Newser) - Forget Kim Kardashian's butt: This year, it's all about Pippa Middleton's rear . "The latest craze here in the US and all over the world is to get the Pippa Butt Lift," a Miami plastic surgeon tells the Telegraph , declaring Pippa the "new queen of... More »

Harry's New Nickname for Pippa: 'Foxy Filly'

Yes, those rumors are still around

(Newser) - The Prince Harry-Pippa Middleton romance rumors show no signs of abating: A new TV special reveals that the prince's nickname for Her Royal Hotness is "Foxy Filly." Crazy About Pippa, airing on TLC Aug. 9, promises that "those closest" to her will provide "insight" into... More »

Why Harry Calls Pippa 'Commando'

And, of course, rumors of a budding relationship between Harry, Pippa

(Newser) - You had to see this coming as soon as Pippa Middleton reportedly broke up with her boyfriend: UK tabloids are reporting that Her Royal Hotness is now thisclose to hooking up with Prince Harry. "They speak on the phone all the time and have met up at least five... More »

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