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3 Killed as Throngs Mourn Egypt's Coptic Pope

Pope Shenouda III's memorial service turns tragic

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of mourners turned out for Pope Shenouda III's memorial service, which turned tragic when three were crushed to death in the crowd. The leader of Egypt's Coptic Christians was seated on the throne of St. Mark, and dozens of devotees were injured as they crowded... More »

Egypt's Coptic Christian Pope Dead at 88

Pope Shenouda III struck conservative tone during revolution

(Newser) - Egypt's Coptic Christian Pope Shenouda III has died of natural causes at age 88 after leading his community through four decades of quiet expansion, al-Jazeera reports. A religious leader of some 8 million people—about 10% of Egyptians—Shenouda was a fighter for Coptic rights in his early years... More »

Blogs Blame Military for Egypt Violence

White House condemns violence; Coptics profess innocence

(Newser) - Eyewitness accounts of last night’s violence in Cairo are pouring in through social media, and they paint an ugly picture of Egypt’s security forces, the New York Times observes. “Army vehicles deliberately crushed protesters using APCs, shot at them at random as they drove at them. This... More »

Fresh Clashes Break Out in Egypt

As PM calls religious divide a 'threat to national security'

(Newser) - Fresh riots broke out in Egypt today, with hundreds of Christians throwing rocks at police outside a Cairo hospital where many of the victims from the previous day's massive clashes over the burning of a Coptic church were taken, the AP reports. Essam Sharaf called for calm in a... More »

Egypt Warns of 'Iron Fist' After Religious Clash

Sectarian violence threatens democratic change in Egypt

(Newser) - Egyptian officials warned yesterday that an "iron fist" will enforce national security in the wake of violent clashes between Muslims and Christians in Cairo that left 12 dead and nearly 200 wounded. Some 190 people arrested will face military trials in a special "deterrent" against further violence, and... More »

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