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Amazon Launches Government Cloud

GovCloud to meet regulatory requirements

(Newser) - Need somewhere to communally draft a bill? To the cloud! Amazon yesterday launched a new version of its cloud service called “GovCloud,” which it says is “designed to allow US government agencies and contractors to move more sensitive workloads into the cloud by addressing their specific regulatory... More »

Amazon Lost How Much on 99-Cent Gaga Downloads?

More than $3 million, the 'New York Times' estimates

(Newser) - Lady Gaga sold a whopping 1.1 million copies of Born This Way in its first week, but 440,000 of those copies went for just 99 cents on . Amazon, however, did pay Gaga's distributor the full price of $8 to $9 per album—which means, the... More »

Gaga Sells New Album for 99 Cents 'Born This Way' offer also includes Cloud storage

(Newser) - Happy Monday, Lady Gaga fans: Visit today and you can purchase the singer’s new album, Born This Way, for just 99 cents. Of course, that’s a digital download—not a physical CD—but it also includes 20GB of Amazon’s Cloud Drive storage, Mashable reports. But... More »

Google Launching Online Music Service

Cloud-computing music service expected to be announced later today

(Newser) - Google is poised to enter the music business, reportedly with a cloud-computing system similar to the Amazon Cloud service announced in March , according to the Wall Street Journal . Users will be able to upload music to online "lockers" and stream the music to various devices. But because Google has... More »

4 Stories