Anish Kapoor

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Two Artists Are in a Serious Paint Fight Right Now

One hoarded the world's blackest black, so the other created the pinkest pink

(Newser) - Paint fight! We got a paint fight, everybody! It started earlier this year when artist Anish Kapoor bought the rights to the world's blackest black, the Creators Project reports. That means Kapoor is the only artist in the world allowed to paint with a black that was created with... More »

In Paris, a Dramatic, Monumental Balloon

Anish Kapoor's exhibit at the Grand Palais dedicated to Ai Weiwei

(Newser) - You've never seen a balloon like this before. Anish Kapoor's single, staggering 82,000-cubic-yard monster has taken over Paris's glass-roofed Grand Palais. Leviathan, which opened today and runs through June 23, lives up to its name in size, though its "skin" is PVC vinyl, barely thicker... More »

2 Stories