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Chappelle Treated for Exhaustion

Comedian "fine" after weekend hospital visit

(Newser) - Dave Chappelle, the sketch comedian who's famous for finding success stressful, was hospitalized for exhaustion over the weekend. His publicist suggested the comedian’s travel schedule was the reason for an emergency room visit Saturday. In May 2005, Chappelle caused a media uproar when he abruptly walked away from his... More »

'SNL' Alum Wallops Weirdo

It's no laughing matter as Lovitz, Dick butt heads at Hollywood comedy club

(Newser) - Jon Lovitz is no stranger to killing at LA's Laugh Factory, but last week he nearly took out fellow funnyman Andy Dick in a scuffle there, according to the Post. Lovitz grabbed the renowned face-licker by the head and, the club's owner says, "smashed him into the bar four... More »

2 Stories