Amenah Bahrami

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Merciful Female Acid Victim Denied Compensation

Iranian courts decide attacker's pardon cancels payout

(Newser) - After Amenah Bahrami agreed to a pardon , the rejected suitor who blinded her by throwing acid in her face got to keep his eyesight. Now, the Iranian courts have decided that he gets to keep his cash as well. Majid Movahedi, who was minutes away from having acid dropped in... More »

Iran Postpones Court-Ordered Blinding

Acid attacker sentenced to have acid dropped in eyes

(Newser) - Iran has postponed a literal eye-for-an-eye punishment it was due to carry out today. A court had ordered a man who threw a bucket of acid in the face of a woman who refused to marry him to have acid dropped in both eyes. Human rights groups including Amnesty International... More »

2 Stories