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Sorority Kicked Off Campus for 'Reprehensible' Scavenger Hunt

Quests were 'morally questionable,' Lehigh says

(Newser) - A "reprehensible" sorority scavenger hunt that "involved the use of drugs and alcohol, sexual activity, and other activities that violate Lehigh University policy" counts as hazing even if participants took part willingly, the university has decided. The Alpha Chi Omega has lost its status and been booted off... More »

Death of Eccentric Brother Sparks $1M Scavenger Hunt

Louis Passerini died alone in New York City 21 years ago

(Newser) - A New York City eccentric left behind nearly $1 million scattered around the country when he died—triggering a scavenger hunt and in-fighting among his surviving family members, DNA Info reports. "He was very private," says Joseph Passerini of his brother, Louis, who lived alone and died 21... More »

31 Teens Suspended After Pranking Rival Schools

Said acts, done in the name of the annual scavenger hunt, involved poop

(Newser) - Pioneer High School's annual scavenger hunt sounded like good, clean fun. Emphasis "sounded like." reports that 31 of the 250 students who participated in the hunt have been suspended for committing such offenses as defecating on the athletic fields of two rival Ann Arbor high... More »

3 Stories