May 21 2011

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Harold Camping: I Won't Predict Apocalypse Again

Turns out thou shalt not know the day nor the hour after all

(Newser) - America's favorite doomsday prophet issued a belated apology letter yesterday, admitting he was wrong about the rapture coming on May 21 . (No specific mention of his subsequent prediction that the world would end on October 21 , but we assume he was wrong then, too.) "We now realize... More »

Harold Camping on Failed Rapture: Uh, 'Embarrassing'

But it's OK, God is in charge

(Newser) - "When it comes to trying to recognize the truth of prophecy, we're finding that it is very, very difficult," says Harold Camping in an audio message recently posted on his Family Radio website. Well, that’s one way of putting it: Camping has now twice predicted a... More »

Harold Camping: Doomsday Is Definitely Friday

May 21 rapture was just misunderstood, he insists

(Newser) - The end is nigh—no, really this time!—but don’t bother repenting. That’s what Harold Camping, America’s favorite doomsday prophet , is preaching these days. In a message on his website spotted by USA Today , Camping says that Oct. 21, “at this point, looks like it... More »

Doomsday Preacher Harold Camping Suffers Stroke

Camping remains hospitalized but neighbors say he's doing well

(Newser) - Doomsday preacher Harold Camping, who incorrectly predicted that the rapture would come May 21, suffered a stroke Thursday night. Camping was taken from his Alameda home by ambulance to the hospital, where he remains, the Oakland Tribune reports. One neighbor who spoke with his wife says his speech is a... More »

Poll: Rapture Would Be Great for Obama

Turns out Rapture believers really like Sarah Palin

(Newser) - The Rapture didn’t happen last weekend—and that’s a shame for Barack Obama. Public Policy Polling ran a poll to see what political effect the Rapture might have. Only 2% of respondents actually thought it was coming on May 21, a staggeringly low number. “It's really... More »

Non-Rapture Claims Another Victim

Victor Frasno, 25, died trying to swim to God

(Newser) - Some 20 minutes after Harold Camping said the first world-ending earthquake was to shake the planet, authorities pulled Victor Frasno's body from a lake in Antioch, Calif. The Florida man spent Friday evening talking to his brother and sister-in-law about God and quoting passages from the book of Ezekiel... More »

Camping: Oh, Wait. Rapture Is Actually Oct. 21

Rest assured, the earth will still be consumed by a fireball

(Newser) - Harold Camping's new favorite phrase: Better late than never. The California preacher has an easy explanation for why the rapture never came to pass on Saturday: He was five months off. Doh! The actual rapture will be Oct. 21. He had originally said that was the day on which... More »

Rapture Believers React to Still Being Here

Confusion, acceptance from those who thought world would end

(Newser) - So, how do rapture believers feel today, considering the fact that they’re still firmly on earth? A sampling of reactions from the Huffington Post , Reuters , the AP , and the Los Angeles Times :
  • John Ramsey, 25, quit his job, donated thousands of dollars to Camping’s Family Radio, and took
... More »

Camping 'Bewildered, Mystified' at Lack of Rapture

No official statement today, wife tells board member

(Newser) - Harold Camping came out of hiding briefly yesterday after his predicted rapture did not come to pass, appearing at the front door of his Alameda home to tell the San Francisco Chronicle he had "a really tough weekend." Nearly 18 hours after his May 21 rapture failed to... More »

As Rapture Fizzles, Camping Is AWOL

Preacher silent in the face of latest failed predictions

(Newser) - Now that another prophecy about the end of the world has has fizzled , attention is turning to the 89-year-old radio evangelist who made the prediction in the first place. Harold Camping has made no statement yet, his Family Radio website has yet to be updated, and the preacher is nowhere... More »

Post-Apocalypse Pet Care Business Booming

May 21 doomsday prediction boosts orders at atheist firm

(Newser) - Sales are up at a company that promises to look after believers' pets after the Rapture, and the founder of "Eternal Earth-Bound Pets" says he has Family Radio to thank. The religious organization has declared that Judgment Day will be this Saturday, and if it occurs, Bart Centre's... More »

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