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China's Latest Factory Jobs Go to ... South Carolina?

Textile industry is increasingly coming back Stateside

(Newser) - China has long been a manufacturing superstar, but that trend is being reversed in one industry. Yarn production has become cheaper and more efficient in the US than China, and Chinese textile manufacturers are taking the unlikely step of opening factories in the States to capitalize on the opportunity. Keer,... More »

The New Graffiti: Yarn Bombing

Now your grandmother can be a vandal

(Newser) - Graffiti’s latest trend stems from a grandmotherly tradition—and it’s more likely to prompt laughter than arrests, proponents say. Yarn bombers knit sweaters and cozies for public objects from lampposts to cars to mailboxes, the New York Times reports. Victims have included the iconic Wall Street bull and... More »

2 Stories