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'Game Changer': Giant Helium Field Found

A 'globally significant' find that could boost world supply of precious gas

(Newser) - What scientists are calling a "game changer" for society has been discovered deep in Tanzania's Rift Valley: a massive helium gas field with enough of the precious commodity to fill more than 1.2 million MRI scanners, reports. Besides the sheer amount of gas, the discovery... More »

French Energy Giant Drops Iran Gas Project

Bush victory as Total pulls investment in oil field development

(Newser) - French energy giant Total, the last major Western energy group that planned to invest in development of Iran's huge natural gas fields, is dropping out of the project, the Financial Times reports. The turnabout is a victory for the Bush administration's efforts to isolate Iran over its nuclear program; it's... More »

Brazil Oil Data Stolen From State Company

Information said to concern huge new offshore fields

(Newser) - Petrobras, Brazil’s state-owned oil company, today announced that important information had gone missing, and one Brazilian site says the data concerns two large, important new gas and oil finds, the Associated Press reports. The new fields are so large, Terra reports, that they could earn Brazil a seat with... More »

BP Snags Libyan Gas Fields

North Africa is looking more attractive to big business—especially the oil business

(Newser) - The deal BP made with Libya this week for rights to huge gas fields demonstrates the new attraction North Africa has for investors. Once controlled by what Business Week calls "pariahs and basket cases," the area now looks stable (compared to the Middle East, that is) and is... More »

4 Stories