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Why the Oklahoma Tornado Was Among the Worst Ever

Twister lasted a devastating 40 minutes

(Newser) - The monster tornado that tore through an Oklahoma City suburb is one of the worst on record by most standards, the Smithsonian finds. At an estimated two miles wide, the storm was one of the biggest recorded and it was also extremely powerful, with winds above 199mph. But what made... More »

UAE Steps Up Foreign Aid —to US

Ireland does, too

(Newser) - When tornado-ravaged Joplin, Missouri , needed laptops for its 2,200 high school students and a rebuilt neonatal ICU, in stepped ... the United Arab Emirates? Yep. In a strange turn of events, the UAE has been stepping up foreign aid to the US. The campaign, which gave millions to Joplin, has... More »

Hundreds Rally for Destroyed Joplin Mosque

More than $400K raised to rebuild

(Newser) - For the residents of Joplin, Missouri, the Islamic Center of Joplin was more than just a mosque—it acted as a relief center for victims during last year's horrific tornado . So when organizers threw a rally Saturday night to show support for the mosque, which burned down three weeks... More »

Obama Salutes Joplin's Grads, 'Inspiration'

President delivers commencement speech a year after deadly tornado

(Newser) - A year after a screaming tornado ripped out the heart of Joplin, Mo. , as its new graduates headed home from commencement , President Obama last night saluted the town's resilience as Joplin High School feted a new crop of graduates. "The story of Joplin isn't just what happened... More »

Insurance Company Won't Pay Joplin Hero's Claim

Mark Lindquist's $2.5M workers' comp claim denied

(Newser) - When the Joplin tornado hit, social worker Mark Lindquist was working for Community Support Services at a group home where three men with Down syndrome lived. “I loved them almost as much as I love my own kid,” Lindquist recalls. They couldn’t move quickly enough to relocate,... More »

FEMA Suspends Joplin Relief to Pay for Irene Relief

And Obama will likely have to ask Congress for additional funding

(Newser) - How will FEMA pay for Hurricane Irene disaster assistance? By suspending payments related to the Joplin tornado, the Washington Post reports. The FEMA disaster relief fund currently has only $900 million in it, less than the preferred $1 billion minimum. President Obama has already signed emergency declarations for the District... More »

Lethal Fungus Compounds Joplin Misery

Three fatalities linked so far to contaminated soil that got under skin

(Newser) - As if recovering from the devastation of last month's tornado weren't enough, Joplin is facing a new threat: A fungal infection that has been linked in the deaths of at least three people. Murcomycosis is linked to fungal spores that live in the soil, usually inhaled; in Joplin'... More »

Joplin Fallout: Everyone Accounted For

Death toll now at 124

(Newser) - Joplin has crossed all the names off its list of missing people. Everyone has now been accounted for, the Missouri Department of Public Safety announced today, saying it was the final report they'll be issuing on the matter. The "confirmed deceased" toll now stands at 124, NPR reports. More »

Circus Elephant Helps Clean Up Joplin

Animal drags ruined vehicles

(Newser) - In tornado-ravaged Joplin, Missouri, a brief moment of whimsy. The Atlantic Wire points to the video below, which shows an elephant helping with clean-up efforts. According to the YouTube user who uploaded the video, the animal is part of the Picadilly Circus, which was scheduled to perform but cancelled after... More »

Obama: We Will Get Joplin 'Back On Its Feet'

President speaks at memorial service one week after tornado hit

(Newser) - Speaking at a memorial service in Joplin today, President Obama promised, "We're not going to stop 'til Joplin's back on its feet." Obama, fresh off his trip to Europe, arrived in the tornado-ravaged town today to comfort survivors and tour devastated neighborhoods. He promised government... More »

Missing Joplin Teen Found Dead

FindWillNorton Facebook page had attracted national attention

(Newser) - A charismatic Joplin teenager whose disappearance in Sunday's tornado captured national attention has been found dead, reports CNN. Will Norton was driving home from his high school graduation with his father when the violent storm snapped his seat belt and pulled him through the sunroof of his Hummer H3.... More »

Facebook Reunites Tornado Victims With Lost Photos

Two sites let people check out and claim recovered photographs

(Newser) - The tornado that devastated Joplin also scattered countless family photos to the winds. Facebook to the rescue. Two sites in particular, here and here , are acting as a clearinghouse of sorts for found photographs. Scans of the images get posted there, where tornado victims can spot them and eventually claim... More »

How to Live Through a Tornado

For one thing, don't open the windows

(Newser) - The tornadoes that have rampaged through the South and Midwest this year didn't need to be as devastating as they were: NPR talks to experts and finds that an ounce of prevention can make the difference between life and death, even when 200mph-winds are involved. Some things you can... More »

Joplin: 232 Still Missing

But first woman on the list still alive

(Newser) - Joplin officials have released a list of 232 people still unaccounted for in the wake of the deadliest tornado ever recorded in the US. Search and rescue teams haven’t found any new survivors of the disaster since Tuesday, but Joplin officials tell the AP that they don’t think... More »

Stunned Joplin Survivor: 'This Is All Gone'

Lacy Tasker, 33, barely saved her son but couldn't save grandma

(Newser) - When the tornado hit Joplin, Lacy Tasker just had enough time to grab her 9-year-old son and jump into a bathtub at the house they shared with Tasker’s grandmother. It was only after the tornado passed that Tasker found the 89-year-old woman, whom she had been taking care of... More »

Smashed Midwest Faces 2nd Round of Tornadoes

As Joplin struggles with the aftermath, more bad weather likely

(Newser) - Even as rescue crews continue to search for survivors in devastated Joplin, Missouri, residents of the Midwest must steel themselves for more severe weather to come. Weather forecasters say the area could see a repeat of the April tornadoes that killed more than 300 people in the South over a... More »

Video Captures Joplin Tornado Terror

People scream, cry as they frantically scramble to shelter

(Newser) - NPR points to a terrifying first-person video of the tornado that slammed Joplin last night, killing at least 89 . Though you can’t see much in the recording, the chilling audio gives a good idea of what happened when the tornado hit a convenience store. Customers worry and comfort... More »

At Least 89 Dead in Joplin as Tornado Shreds Town

'75% of Joplin is gone', says Red Cross rep of Missouri town

(Newser) - The latest savage slash of US tornadoes ripped up the Midwest last night, flattening the town of Joplin, Missouri. At least 89 are dead, and that number is expected to rise. "I would say 75% of Joplin is virtually gone," said a spokeswoman for the American Red Cross... More »

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