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Pregnant Mom Killed in Freak Driveway Accident

Gravel trailer fell on her after Calif. work crew asked her to move her car

(Newser) - Devastated loved ones and neighbors are demanding answers in the horrific death of Lindsey Combs. The 32-year-old Martinez, Calif., hairstylist was killed in her driveway Monday afternoon when the gravel-filled trailer of a truck working on a city project toppled onto her car and crushed it as her 4-year-old daughter... More »

'90s Singer Dead in Freak Wine Glass Accident

Charmayne Maxwell apparently fell, cut neck on broken glass

(Newser) - A 1990s R&B singer died in a bizarre accident at her Los Angeles home Friday night. Charmayne Maxwell, a member of the Grammy-nominated group Brownstone , was reportedly home alone with her son after his soccer game; around 9pm, her husband, music producer Carsten Soulshock, came home to find her... More »

Boy, 7, Dies in Freak School Cafeteria Accident

Foldaway bench fell on Brendan Jordan during soccer practice

(Newser) - Brendan Jordan, 7, was chasing a soccer ball inside the gym at Berkley Street Elementary School in New Milford, NJ, Wednesday night when a freak accident took his life. Somehow, a wood-and-steel bench that weighed more than 100 pounds broke free from the wall and hit the boy, killing him,... More »

Tire Swing Slams Into Man's Face, Kills Him

Freak accident occurred at NYC park while Aleim Perkins was with his niece

(Newser) - It was supposed to be a fun day at a New York City playground for Aleim Perkins and his 6-year-old niece, Leela. But their together time ended in tragedy Monday afternoon when the 39-year-old pushed an empty tire swing and it came flying back at him, smashing into his face... More »

Autopsy: Gymnast's Head Crushed by Dumbwaiter

Brooke Baures killed in freak accident at Wisconsin restaurant

(Newser) - An autopsy finds that a waitress died of severe head injuries after getting her head caught in a dumbwaiter at a Wisconsin restaurant last week, police said yesterday. Fountain City Police Chief Jason Mork released the autopsy results for 21-year-old Brooke Baures, a senior and standout gymnast at Winona State... More »

Man's Wedding Ring Gets Him Killed

Jason Ferguson of Florida was installing dishwasher when he was electrocuted

(Newser) - A good deed for his in-laws has ended in tragedy for a south Florida man. Jason Ferguson, 33, was installing a new dishwasher at his brother-in-law and sister-in-law's house Thursday when he was electrocuted, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Family members, who were sitting down to eat around 7pm, found... More »

Man Killed in Freak Tape-Measure Accident

It fell 50 floors, fatally struck NJ construction worker on the head

(Newser) - It was the tragically wrong place at the wrong time for 58-year-old construction worker Gary Anderson yesterday morning, when he pulled up to a 50-story apartment building under construction in Jersey City, NJ, to deliver sheetrock. He parked, poked his head into a vehicle to talk to someone, and then... More »

Guy Runs Over Own Head After Dropping Cigarette

Colorado man jumped out of rolling van

(Newser) - The warning labels on cigarette packets don't say "Beware: This product may cause you to run over your own head," but that's what happened to a man in Aurora, Colo., yesterday. According to KUSA , the luckless man dropped a lit cigarette down the front of his... More »

How a Paralyzed Groom Walked Down the Aisle

Matt Ficarra relied on a bionic exoskeleton

(Newser) - There weren't many dry eyes when Matt Ficarra walked down the aisle with his new wife, Jordan Basile—and not just because the occasion was his wedding. The Syracuse, NY, man has been paralyzed from his chest down since he broke his neck in a boating accident in 2011.... More »

Man Survives Crash, Is Killed When Wife Comes to Help

She loses control on same curve

(Newser) - A man who lost control of his van and crashed in Carville, France, survived the Wednesday night accident only to be struck and killed by his wife's car when she came to pick him up. The 54-year-old victim and his 16-year-old daughter walked away from the first crash, in... More »

Mother Sues After Baby Dies on Airport Conveyer Belt

She'd just placed her 5-month-old in a car seat on the belt when it began to move

(Newser) - Almost exactly a year after losing her 5-month-old baby in a freak airport conveyer belt accident , mother Nathania Terry is suing the luggage handling system supplier for wrongful death, negligence, design defects, and failure to warn. According to her complaint, which she filed in federal court last week, Terry placed... More »

Nicole Kidman's Dad Dies in Singapore Hotel

Dr. Antony Kidman's family 'in shock'

(Newser) - Nicole Kidman's father was visiting her younger sister in Singapore and was having breakfast in the restaurant of the hotel he was staying at when he collapsed and died today at a nearby hospital, the Straits Times reports. Dr. Antony Kidman had recently completed his morning workout and is... More »

Falling Gargoyle Kills Bride-to-Be

Sarah Bean was en route to lunch with her fiance in Chicago

(Newser) - A Chicago mother of two was headed to lunch with her fiance in the city's South Loop yesterday when pieces of a gargoyle fell from a church's facade and struck her in the head, killing her. "I saw that crack on her head and thought, 'She'... More »

Teen Impaled by Golf Club in Freak Frat Party Accident

ASU student Natalie Jo Eaton awake and responsive in Memphis hospital

(Newser) - At a cookout Aug.19 during rush at an Arkansas State University frat house, a college kid hit a football, thrown by a friend, with a golf club. The club's shaft broke, traveled 30 feet, and impaled 18-year-old Natalie Jo Eaton in the neck, Arkansas Matters reports. When police... More »

Girl Run Over While Sunbathing in Driveway Dies

Her sister didn't see her when she opened the garage door and backed up

(Newser) - Marli Hamblin was simply and tragically in the wrong place at the wrong time. The 15-year-old laid out on a blanket in her family's driveway in Syracuse, Utah, to sunbathe Friday, listening to her iPod through headphones, when her older sister, who did not know she was there, opened... More »

Rogue Wave Kills Mom in Maui

Her husband, 2 children witnessed the accident

(Newser) - Flight attendant Wendi Van Briesen was bodysurfing with 13-year-old son Tanner in Maui when a huge wave turned the family's first vacation to Hawaii tragic, knocking her unconscious, shattering two of her vertebrae, and putting her into a coma. Van Briesen's husband, Aaron, and 11-year-old daughter, McKenna, witnessed... More »

2 Expectant Dads Die in Freak Plane Crash

The pilot, their father-in-law, also died in the crash

(Newser) - In a time meant for rejoicing—with a 30th wedding anniversary and the births of two babies on the horizon—three women, now widows, are left to pick up the pieces after a freak accident claimed their husbands' lives. Doug Symiczek had planned to take his two sons-in-law, Kyle Parton... More »

Man Loses Fingertips on Pirates of the Caribbean

Officials aren't entirely sure how

(Newser) - A UK tourist lost two fingertips on his right hand while riding on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Florida yesterday. The man lost the tips of his ring and pinky fingers and was taken to a hospital, the local fire department... More »

Man's Whole Body Pulled Through Wood Chipper

It's not clear how worker fell in while landscaping

(Newser) - It was, as a witness pointed out, like a scene from a movie, and "horrifying": A landscape worker died yesterday afternoon in Davie, Fla., when he fell into a wood chipper; his entire body was pulled through. "I look outside and I see some piles of blood,"... More »

Boy, 2, Dies in Freak Accident at Fisherman's Wharf

He was crushed by falling dolphin statue

(Newser) - A Utah family's visit to San Francisco ended in horror when their 2-year-old son died after a freak accident outside a Fisherman's Wharf antique store. Police say Kayson Shelton climbed up on a large, heavy dolphin statue, causing it to tip over on him, reports the San Francisco ... More »

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