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Guy Gets Chainsaw Stuck in Neck, Survives

Blade missed tree trimmer's arteries

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania tree trimmer is incredibly lucky to be alive after an accident that left him with a chainsaw blade embedded in his neck. James Valentine, 21, was pruning trees when the saw kicked back and hit him in the neck, the AP reports. His colleagues removed the motor but... More »

Man Survives Trip Into Wood Chipper

Frank Arce's lower body was mangled in '10 seconds of hell'

(Newser) - Frank Arce of Longview, Washington, has a broken pelvis, broken leg, seven broken ribs, a shattered ankle, a bruised liver, a collapsed lung, and assorted other injuries—but he went into a wood chipper-like machine last week and lived to tell the tale. The wood products worker's 10 seconds... More »

Worker Prepping for Storm Killed by 100-Foot Salt Pile

He suffocated, say police

(Newser) - With a storm expected to dump more than a foot of snow on parts of the Northeast, cities throughout the region spent Thursday preparing—in one case with deadly consequences. A worker in a Philadelphia-area salt yard was killed yesterday afternoon after a 100-foot-tall rock salt pile collapsed on him.... More »

Woman Crushed to Death in Freak Drawbridge Accident

She was on bridge when it was raised, was killed as it was lowered

(Newser) - A horrific accident in Boston, where a woman was crushed to death in a freak drawbridge accident yesterday. The woman was walking over the Meridian Street bridge when it was raised for a boat; the bridge operator heard her screaming and lowered the bridge—but the woman, clinging to one... More »

Guy Kills Self, Accidentally Shoots Neighbor

Cops believe bullet passed through man's head

(Newser) - A Florida man who killed himself during an argument with his girlfriend almost took an unsuspecting neighbor with him, police say. The woman stepped outside her cousin's house to take a phone call and was shot through the leg by what investigators believe was the same bullet that had... More »

Teen's Hobby Kills Him in Gruesome Accident

Model helicopter session in NYC park turns deadly

(Newser) - A 19-year-old in New York City died in a gruesome freak accident yesterday when he was hit in the head by the remote-control helicopter he was operating. Police say Roman Pirozek died almost instantly when he was hit by the machine's 2-foot-long blades, which sliced his neck and took... More »

Girl, 9, Dies in Freak Trampoline Accident

Gust of wind threw backyard trampoline 150 feet

(Newser) - A 9-year-old southern Utah girl is dead after a strong wind gust picked up the backyard trampoline she was sitting on and sent it flying more than 150 feet. Garfield County sheriff's officials say Oaklee Sidwell was playing with friends on the trampoline in her backyard Tuesday in the... More »

Haunted House Worker Found Caught in Noose

Police probing Creepyworld accident

(Newser) - The horror wasn't all make-believe at St. Louis-area haunted house Creepyworld Thursday night. A 17-year-old worker at the attraction is in critical condition after being found hanging from a noose that was being used as a prop, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. The young woman, whose job was to... More »

Spanish Cyclist Dies in Freak Accident

Xavier Tondo was crushed between his car and garage door

(Newser) - Spanish cyclist Xavier Tondo died in a freak accident today after he was crushed between his car and a garage door in southern Spain, a Civil Guard spokesman said. Tondo, 32, was reportedly trying to take his car out of the garage and got out of the car to try... More »

Yale Student Suffocates in Freak Lab Accident

Promising science major Michele Dufault mourned

(Newser) - Yale University is mourning a young woman killed this week in a horrific lab accident. Michele Dufault's hair was caught in a lathe in a chemistry lab's machine shop, and the quick-spinning machinery pulled her in, choking her. The medical examiner determined that the 22-year-old senior died from accidental asphyxia... More »

Bride-To-Be Paralyzed by Bachelorette Party Prank

Accident leaves Rachelle Friedman unable to walk, wed

(Newser) - A North Carolina woman was paralyzed after a bachelorette party prank, and the accident has left her unable to walk and to wed because of health insurance trouble. A month before she was to marry boyfriend Chris Chapman, Rachelle Friedman was partying with her girlfriends when they decided to take... More »

Segway Accident Kills Segway Co. Owner

Jimi Heselden dies after going over cliff

(Newser) - Jimi Heselden, the multi-millionaire who bought the Segway company in December, died in a freak accident involving one of his own two-wheelers. The 62-year-old rode off a cliff and into a river while inspecting the grounds of his UK estate yesterday, reports the Daily Mail . The death of Heselden, one... More »

Baseball Fan Falls From Upper Deck

Man tries too hard to catch a foul at Rangers game

(Newser) - A Rangers-Indians game ground to a terrifying halt in Texas last night when a man flipped over the upper deck railing and plunged 30 feet to the seating area below. The fan was sitting in the front row, and reached out too far trying to catch a foul ball, witnesses... More »

Falling Tree Branch Kills Baby in Central Park

Freak accident injures mother of 6-month-old

(Newser) - A 6-month-old girl is dead and her mother hospitalized after a branch fell 40 feet from a tree and hit them as they posed for pictures at the Central Park Zoo yesterday. Karla DelGallo of New Jersey had Gianna Ricciutti in her arms and "was trying to get away... More »

Freak Accident Nearly Kills Grand Prix Racer

Car part bounces off track, fractures Felipe Massa's skull

(Newser) - A Brazilian auto racer is in “life-threatening,” though stable, condition after a spring from another car bounced off the track and hit the driver in the helmet, knocking him unconscious as he drove into a barrier, the Independent reports. Felipe Massa’s surgery for multiple skull fractures was... More »

Google Mentor Dead in Freak Swimming Accident

(Newser) - A Stanford computer science professor who mentored Google's founders has drowned in his swimming pool, the San Jose Mercury News reports. Rajeev Motwani, 47, who could not swim, drowned at his Atherton, Calif., home, leaving a wife, two daughters, and many admirers in Silicon Valley. “It's a rare combination... More »

Mike Tyson's Daughter Accidentally Strangled

4-year-old critical after tangle with treadmill

(Newser) - Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter is on life support at a Phoenix hospital after strangling herself with a treadmill cord this morning in what appears to have been a freak accident, Fox News reports. The girl’s 7-year-old brother discovered her hanging by the neck from an exercise machine in... More »

Oops! Broken Arm Not Part of Trick

Copperfield assistant injured in 'freak accident' with fan blowing smoke for illusion

(Newser) - David Copperfield fans may feel disillusioned after one of the magician’s tricks went horribly wrong onstage in Las Vegas this week, breaking an assistant’s arm. The employee got his limb stuck in a fan during a routine stunt in which Copperfield “disappears” while passing through the whirling... More »

Stingray Kills Boater off Fla. Keys

Creature leaps onto the deck in freak accident

(Newser) - A stingray leapt out of the water and struck a 55-year-old Michigan woman who was sunbathing on the deck of a boat off the Florida Keys yesterday, CNN reports. The woman, who was with her husband and children, was knocked to the ground and pronounced dead at a local hospital.... More »

Zednik's Neck Sliced by Skate in Sabres Win

Game continues after Florida forward stabilzed with surgery

(Newser) - Buffalo's 5-3 win was overshadowed by what Stephen Weiss called "the worst thing I've ever seen in hockey"—a freak accident in which a falling Olli Jokinen slashed fellow Panther Richard Zednik's neck with his skate. Zednik left a trail of blood on his way to the bench... More »

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