Rep. Chip Cravaak

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Want to Ask Paul Ryan a Question? Please Pay $15

Congressmen find questions easier at paid-for events

(Newser) - Tired of being harassed and embarrassed by angry constituents—and, of course, always in need of cash—congressmen such as Paul Ryan, Ben Quayle, and Chip Cravaack are eschewing open town halls and instead are charging for access over this August recess, reports Politico . Questioning Ryan at an upcoming luncheon... More »

GOP Freshmen Promise Cuts, Spend Big in First Quarter

PR, car leases cost taxpayers a bunch

(Newser) - Despite campaign promises to slash the federal budget, some GOP House freshmen are sparing no expense on cars and PR at taxpayer expense. At least 15 newly elected Republicans have spent tens of thousands on mailings that boost their exposure in their districts, says House quarterly disbursement reports. Many also... More »

2 Stories