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Worrying Finds After Woman Vanishes While Biking

Ohio authorities plead for help finding Sierah Joughin

(Newser) - Authorities in Fulton County, Ohio, are asking for the public's help after making some worrying finds in the search for a 20-year-old woman who disappeared Tuesday evening. University of Toledo student Sierah Joughin was last seen out riding with her boyfriend before they went different ways near a high... More »

560-Lb Man Biking Across US to Save His Marriage

He blames soda and a whole lot of sitting around

(Newser) - Eric Hites recently hit 40 and decided it was time to make some serious lifestyle changes. Having reached 560 pounds thanks to soda and a whole lot of sitting around, the DJ says both his health and his marriage are at stake, reports the Newport Daily News . Unfortunately, after getting... More »

NYC Cop Scolds Bicyclist for Baring Legs

Leggy rider is 'distracting cars,' complains officer

(Newser) - Pretty Jasmijn Rijcken thought a New York City cop was kidding when he pulled her over to tell her she was showing too much skin while bicycling. You see, she was bare-legged and wearing a skirt. "He said, 'It's very disturbing, and it's distracting the cars,... More »

3 Stories