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Feds Investigating Ex-CIA Agent for War Crimes

Steve Stormoen supervised 'ghosting' program

(Newser) - A federal investigation into a potential war crime committed at Abu Ghraib is closing in on the man who ran the CIA’s “ghosting” program. In the hush-hush program headed up by now-retired agent Steve Stormoen, the CIA interrogated prisoners without ever having noted their presence in Army logs,... More »

US to Investigate Deaths of Two Detainees

Holder orders pair of inquiries but drops nearly 100 others

(Newser) - The is-it-torture debate is probably going to rev up again: The Justice Department says it will launch criminal inquiries into the deaths of two detainees in US custody in 2002 and 2003, reports the Washington Post . Eric Holder gave the green light on the recommendation of federal prosecutor John Durham,... More »

Grand Jury Probes CIA in Abu Ghraib's 'Iceman' Killing

Quiet proceedings investigate 'war crimes,' 'torture'

(Newser) - A secret federal grand jury is now hearing witnesses in the decade-old case of the “Iceman,” an Abu Ghraib prisoner who died on the CIA’s watch. It’s just one of several cases in the jury’s “investigation of possible violations of federal criminal laws involving... More »

3 Stories