Petra Ecclestone

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20 Stars With Crazy Expensive Homes

You probably can't afford any of these

(Newser) - No self-respecting Hollywood star or tech mogul is going to live in a shack—but what are the most expensive celebrity homes? Radar lists 20:
  • Petra Ecclestone's Los Angeles home, the former Spelling Mansion: $85 million
  • Tiger Woods' Florida estate: $60 million
  • Bill Gates' Washington state "Xanadu,"
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Heiress Throws Insanely Lavish $7.7M Wedding

Petra Ecclestone has it all: Rolls Royces, fireworks, the Black Eyed Peas...

(Newser) - Petra Ecclestone put most lavish celebrity weddings to shame with her own $7.7 million nuptials this weekend, held at the same Italian castle where Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married (for the comparative bargain of just $2 million) in 2006. Ecclestone, 22, is, of course, the daughter of... More »

Spelling Mansion, Nation's Priciest, Finds a Buyer

The Manor had been on market since 2009 for $150M

(Newser) - It's probably just like your first house: 57,000 square feet, double staircase inspired by Gone With the Wind, parking for 100, bowling alley, beauty salon, flower-cutting room, gift-wrapping rooms, etc. But all this can no longer be yours for the paltry price of $150 million, as the iconic... More »

3 Stories